On the morning of September 30 a man’s body was discovered in the 2600 block of 43 Avenue SE Calgary.

An area resident found a man lying on the ground unresponsive and alerted police shortly before 6:00 am.

When Qwest 103 News arrived on scene, the body had been covered by a pink blanket and a  police helicopter was circling the area. Police then removed the blanket, revealing the body of the deceased male who appeared to be on his knees.

Cause of death has not been confirmed but local residents have said they heard what sounded like several pops shortly before police appeared on scene.

Police have not confirmed whether or not gun shots were fired.


Body Found in Dover

Calgary Police are currently investigating a body found in the 2600 block of 43rd street.

Police were called to the scene after a neighbor reported a suspicious person outside the house.

Police are sending their medical team to determine if they need their homicide unit on the scene as well.

Qwest 103 will have more details as things progress.


Increase in Calgary gas prices


The morning of Tuesdsay September 28, 2015 saw an increase in Calgary gas prices to as much as $1.16 per litre. At some stations the cost has risen by over ten cents in the last fourty eight hours. The spike was anticipated due to the recent forecast of a slow down in U.S. oil production.

Globally crude oil production continues to flow as major market producers are attempting to protect their place in the industry. One report predicts the international oil market to remain oversupplied throughout
2016. Oil prices are expected to continue to rise and fall as the rate of exports remains unsteady.

New Partnership Launch

SAIT Heritage Hall

On Tuesday September 29, SAIT launched their partnership with Calgary Commuities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) to take a stronger stance against all forms of sexual violence. “We’re working to affect SAIT’s culture in a positive way,” says Brad Donaldson, Vice President Academic. “Partnering with CCASA ensures we have the expertise and additional counselling personnel to truly understand the issue and provide support to our campus community.”
The joining of forces with CCASA will provide education to SAIT employees, expertise to SAIT in drafting a sexual assault policy, counselling support to enhance SAIT’s own professional counselling staff and give students access to counselors who specialize in sexual violence.
SAIT and SAIT Students’ Association are also aligning themselves with the province wide ‘I Believe You’ campaign. The campaign is led by the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services and aims to educate young people on how to best support victims of sexual abuse and violence. It is being supported by a $100,000 grant from the Alberta government and is specifically targeted towards post secondary institutions. SAIT is utilizing the campaign as another way to strengthen the education of staff on campus.

Mountie justified in shooting man with fake gun

Police Car Lights 01

Alberta’s independent police watchdog has concluded the RCMP were justified in shooting a suspected thief in Vegreville last Christmas. Asirt investigators say police confronted a suspect in a reported ATM theft. The man, who had a concealed weapon was told by police repeatedly to show his hands or he would be shot. The man suffered non-life-threatening injuries after he was shot in the chest by police when he pulled out a replica handgun. It was later determined that the 911 call came from the man’s own cellphone.

Oil sand companies address carbon emissions

Oil Pumpjack - Alberta

Thirteen oil sands companies are joining forces to find innovative ways that address carbon emissions and reduce environmental impacts. With a new twenty-million-dollar competition, the non-profit xprize foundation organized the contest to find new uses for converted car emissions. The four and a half year competition will award the team that successfully converts the most CO2 into usable resources. Teams will be able to choose between capturing carbon emissions from a coal power plant or a natural gas facility.

High River prepares for possible meteorite strike


Tension is mounting in High River as volunteers and emergency crews prepare for the ultimate disaster. A hypothetical meteor strike is in full effect for today and tomorrow. The workshop involves about fifty volunteers who will have a variety of creative and effective roles. The floods of 2013 led to the simulation and the community is coming together to prepare for the worst.