Haunted YYC

halloween 2

Calgary is filled with many tales of tragedy and ghostly spirits.

One of the most prominent haunted locations in YYC is the United Knox Church downtown.

The church opened its doors in 1883 and is filled with history amongst rumoured ghosts and multiplespirits said to roam the halls of the building.

Footsteps are often heard after hours and several members of the church have seen a women in early 20th century clothing wandering around.

Most churchgoers have seen the woman, but the most startling story out of the church is the an organizst who claims to have been slapped by a spirit while making a mistake playing hymns.

Another ghastly spot around the city is the Cross House located on 8th Ave. SE.

No called Rouge Restaurant, the building was build in 1891 by prominent Canadian, A.E. Cross.

The building has many tales of tragic deaths and ghostly spirits.

Cross’ two young children were terribly ill when they lived in the house and died in 1904 while he was seeking medicine.

Today, the Rouge Restaurant staff and customers still claim to hear the sounds of children laughing and even see appartitions of children playing.

Lastly, the Deane House on 9th Ave. S.E. is said to be the most haunted building in Calgary.

Executive Director of the Calgary Paranormal Investigators Association, Colin Bengert, says when his team investigated the house, one of their members had a terrifying experience.

“One of our members was looking inside of a small maintenance hatch and he opened this small door, put his head in with a flashlight, and something slapped him across the face,” Bengert said.

While some people fear the spirits, some paranormal investigators say the spirits are largely positive.