And now for some tales from the hallowed halls of SAIT Polytechnic.

Sometimes it can be a bad thing to take a good look in the mirror.

Washrooms may not seem to be the most popular hang out for ghostly apparitions, but for one washroom on campus…this spirit can’t help but admire your reflection.

According to reports, the men’s washroom on the 11th floor of the Senator Burns Building has an eerie presence…and we don’t mean the smell.

Apparently one student experienced a shadowy figure move across the mirror out of the corner of their eye.

Who knows what or who it may have been, but when All Hallows Eve arrives avoid the 11th floor.

In other spooky news,

If you find the time to take yourself away from your laptop and still hear the clicking of the keys you may not be alone.

SAIT has a rich history of military partnership.

During WWII, SAIT served as the second wireless training school for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Typists were stationed on campus in the 1940’s as part of the centers training.

However some may have never stopped trying to write their story.

Reports from the 3rd hall floor of Heritage Hall tell tales of students hearing the clicking of key strokes.

Perhaps it’s the spirits from the 1940’s asking us if we can take a memo.

Happy Halloween from Qwest 103.