City council met with Calgary housing company today to go over its third quarter results.

They discussed how to formalize operational information in a strategic meeting they’ve rescheduled till the New Year.

The meeting will include reports on how to achieve financial stability during this time of economic downturn.

Calgary Housing Company was asked to create a draft on a business plan, so that before the board has people joining and leaving by May, shareholders can view an actual document outlining a plan for the year to come.

Shareholders would need to approve this plan before board members could recommend the changes, in hopes the proposals would be approved by city councilors.

Final results for the C-H-C’s 2015 audit will be completed and posted by mid-march.

C-H-C also talked about housing options for Syrian refugees.

The city’s housing board says they’re having weekly meetings with the provincial government to talk about when and how many Syrian’s will arrive.

Three hundred fifty privately owned housing units are being offered by Calgarians so far.

Many landlords are also offering discounts, with one landlord even gifting three months of free rent to refugees.

C-H-C will not offer social housing units for Syrian’s at this time, but it will re-assess if the need for more housing for refugees becomes an issue.

There are currently 150 Calgarians on the wait list for social housing.

The board also talked about the need for more clarity on how C-H-C fits into the city’s budget, since housing is supposed to be more of a provincial, or federal responsibility.

It was expressed in the meeting that the city of Calgary doesn’t have the resources to deal with everything on the table concerning housing.

Recruitment was also a topic of discussion, as the board agrees it needs a better process to fill positions.

This included talk of building an advisory committee so applicants and board members can get to know each other in an interview panel, before officially being brought onto the team.

Ideas on how to advertise tenant representative positions were taken.

In 2012 the board set out to improve tenant engagement, so that tenant reps could be groomed to eventually be on the board, but the initiative has not found the success it aimed for.

It was decided there needs to be a standard of communication for available jobs, as there is not one at this time.