Condo Fire.




The Calgary fire crews are investigating a condo fire in Killarney.

Early this morning 911 received multiple calls for a building fire on the 1900 block of 35 street southwest.

On arrival fire crews saw smoke billowing out from the condominium building.

Nine people were originally evacuated from the building until fire crews found the origin of the fire.

Residents will be allowed to re-enter the building with the exception of three people whose room has moderate damage from smoke.

No injuries have been reported and fire investigators will continue to investigate the cause of the fire.


Economic Resiliency Fund

Cdn Money

Mayor Nenshi proposed an Economic Resiliency Fund that would divert 30 million dollars away from the City’s saving accounts into a new fund.

Included in the proposed changes is to keep transit fares and recreation passes from going up, along with 5 million dollars for an emergency fund for struggling non-profits.

With the Economic downturn many people are struggling to stay a flow and local non-profit organizations are reporting record lows but Nenshi says the money that would be used for City savings could do a lot of good right now.

No charges laid against officers.

ASIRTOfficers involved in the February 28th, 2014 shooting of two people will not be charged with any criminal offenses.

A truck was rammed repeatedly until it was stopped by police on Deerfoot trail, eventually two officers fired and struck the 34 year old male passenger.

The 27 year old female passenger was struck with a police service weapon when she held up a black object that was later identified as a pair of sunglasses.

Police determined there were no fire arms or weapons in the vehicle.

The case was reviewed by ASIRT, and forwarded to the Alberta crown prosecution service where it was confirmed no charges would be laid.

ASIRT’S mandate is to investigate incidents involving Alberta’s police that have resulted in serious injury or death.

C-Train Vs Car Crash


An SUV has crashed into the Somerset C-Train at 4th Ave and 9th Street Southwest causing major delays in Down Town.

Police are on scene interviewing witnesses to figure out how the accident happened.

Fire crews have cleared up the mess left on the tracks.

The C-Train line has been shut down but officers are passengers get off the train.

No further details have been released and police are continuing to investigate.

Turkey Time


Cooking is an expression of love and what better season to show how much you love the people in your life than Christmas.

There’s a crispness to the air and our snow has finally arrived so it’s time to stock your fridges with all the trimmings to make a fantastic feast.

Red seal, executive chef of 17th avenue’s 80th and ivy Stewart Leduc says, if preparing multiple menu items all on the same day is overwhelming…simply don’t!

Cranberry sauce, gravy and desserts are all items that can be prepared days in advance or even frozen!

Preparation is key to the perfect meal coming together and as long as you give yourself enough time, your meal will turn out beautifully.

Banff granted land.



The town of Banff has been granted the release of federal lands to create affordable housing.

The land will be leased to the Banff housing corporation, to develop multi-unit, affordable rental properties.

The units must use green housing initiatives in order to have the land released.

The announcement was made this morning by Catherine McKenna, the minister responsible for parks Canada.

The town’s council must approve the offer before construction will begin.

Hire Ten.

Broken Piggy Bank

Hundreds of job seekers were at the Metropolitan Centre in downtown Calgary looking to start the next chapter of their life after recent layoffs.

The job fair was put on by the recruitment company “hire ten” where it has convinced eighteen Calgary companies to commit six hundred new hires over the next three months.

Shawn Baldwin from hire ten put together the entire event in four weeks and says now more than ever job seekers need to stay positive and finding new work is always possible.

Baldwin says networking is really the only thing you can do if you experienced a recent layoff and he wants to send a positive message to both employers and job hunters.

The service is completely free and Baldwin says potential employees have to remember there are a number of industries doing quite well right now.