The Dollar is Down.

Cdn Money

Crude oil plunges dropped again yesterday forcing Canadians to once again dig deeper into their pockets especially if they plan to head overseas this holiday.

This follows the release of US inventory figures that showed an unexpected growth in oil supplies.

Analysts had predicted supplies to drop by 1.5 million barrels but instead it rose by 4.8 million barrels last week.

Canadians who heat their homes with gas stand to benefit from the recent price drop one company in Ontario for example has applied to lower gas rates in the New Year.


Volunteer Numbers Up



The economic downturn in Calgary has seen thousands lose their jobs this year, but some of those people are paying it forward.

Volunteers at local charities and food banks are up in number, several people from all sectors, including oil and gas, are donating their time.

With some companies no longer able to set aside special days for employees to donate their time for volunteering, the surge of people coming forward to help out is making a difference.

TransCanada Energy Pipeline

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Trans Canada has filed an amended application and cost estimate for the energy pipeline project

The Calgary-based company made nearly seven hundred changes in the pipeline path due to environmental concerns along the original route.

The proposed pipeline would take Alberta crude to an Irving oil refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The existing Trans Canada line in Quebec would be included in the new pipeline that originally would have costed twelve billion dollars.

The changes added three point seven billion to the cost and the changes are a direct result of the environmental opposition in the first proposal.

Firearm Fraud Warning.

city police imageThe Calgary polices’ economic crime unit is warning people who are looking to purchase a firearm about a recent fraud.

On December 8th, police were alerted about two cases in which two separate private gun buyers responded to an online sale ad to purchase guns.

During the transaction the sellers and buyers spoke over the phone saying the transaction could be completed through e-transfer.

The buyers then gave the sellers their possession and acquisition number.

When the e-transfer took place, the bank notified the buyer the accounts were fraudulent and the e-transfers were stopped.

Police believe the fraudsters posing as gun sellers may be using the personal information, specifically the pal numbers to illegally purchase guns.

Police are saying that is you are buying a firearm, make sure you verify the seller before you provide any personal information.

Mayor Nenshi Speaks to Calgarians about the Future of Employment



Mayor Naheed Nenshi appeared at the annual town hall event today to address key issues relating to Calgarians.

The General Manager of Shaw Data Services, David Laws, spoke out about how many families, friends and students in particular may be facing some difficult circumstances due to the economic downfall.

Laws says the amount of people fathered at City Hall serves as a powerful signal that we are indeed prepared to take on the task at hand.

Nenshi says the smartest things for Calgary to do in this tough economic climate is to build things.

He says that while the unemployment rate has grown, the city has created more jobs than have been lost… even if the quality of these newly created jobs are not the same as they were prior to the economic downturn….

Nenshi also gave Calgarians in attendance a bit of a pep talk reminding everyone to realise the importance of working together and the possibilities that await every single Canadian, regardless of appearance or beliefs.

Positive Climate Initiatives in Alberta


Smoke Stack

Nearly 200 nations made history on Saturday when they adopted the first global pact to fight climate change.

Through a group effort, the plan is to collectively cut and then eliminate greenhouse gas pollution.

World leaders are hopeful that by 2070 we will emit close to no greenhouse gas pollution.

Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, said the agreement between the nations was historic, ambitious and balanced.

The president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum producers, Tim McMillan, says there are still a lot of details that have to be figured out, but Alberta has a positive plan.

There are still a lot of details that need to be released about the climate change plan, however now the framework is in place.

Hitmen strive to finish strong


The Hitmen are preparing for Friday’s and Saturday’s game against the Medicine Hat Tigers.

Calgary is currently in second place in the Central Division.

With a Red Deer loss and a Calgary win on Friday, the Hitmen will move to first place in their division.

In ten days the World Juniors start and two Hitmen players, Travis Sanheim and Radel Fazleev are currently trying out for a spot on their respected National teams.

The Hitmen are hoping to finish out strong before they head on into the holiday break.