New Emergency Centre in Alberta


A new 24-hour dispatch office will be part of the emergency services center slated for Alberta’s Kananaskis Country.

The Alberta government is providing more than 18-million dollars for the new complex.

The new facility will provide advanced fire and life-support services for both residents and tourists.

The current center in Kananaskis Country was built in 1986 to support the 1988 Olympics, but emergency calls have increased more than tenfold since then, averaging more than five-thousand per year.


Car Thefts On The Rise

Calgary Police

It’s becoming all too common in the city as car thieves continue to steal vehicles.

Calgary Police have seen an increase in vehicle thefts during this time of year as already 1352 vehicles have been stolen in 2016.

This statistic marks a 52 per cent increase in thefts over the five year average for the first quarter.

Staff Sgt, Cristie Verheul of the Economic Crimes Unit, says people often forget common sense rituals like bringing their keys inside.

“Don’t leave your keys in and around your vehicle,” said Verheul.

We’re seeeing upwards of possibly 80 per cent of vehicles being stolen with keys left in the ignition, under the mat in your car, in the gas tank cover, or even hanging up in your garage.”

Car security experts like Manager of Autotemp Automotives, Jeff Bergman, says every car should at least have a basic alarm system, along with an immobilizer.

“It’s basically a computer chip that’s doing the same idea. If the vehicle doesnt’t recognize the chip in the key, it stops the fuel from pumping throughout the vehicle,” said Bergman.

“An immobilizer cuts the fuel system as opposed to us cutting the ignition which is a lot safer.”

Immobilizer keys can be installed on any car, new or old. This could include GPS tracking – a technology Calgary Police are contining to use to track vehicles.

If you see a crime, you’re asked to report it immediately to police or Crimestoppers at (403) 262-8477.


Calgary Next
Last August it was announced that the cities future and vision had massive plans for a brand new facility that would draw a lot of attention. The facility would be a integrated multi purpose football stadium, public field house, and NHL arena and event center. Thus replacing the ageing Saddledome and MacMahon stadium. As well as solve the cities number one recreational priority , with the field house.
The whole proposed project would cost 890 million dollars, and would be built in the cities west village, which is due for a make over . However the land all around was badly contaminated with creosote in the 1900’s. Meaning the land would have to be cleaned up before shovels even hit the ground.
On Wednesday a city document found that the estimated cost of the whole project would actually be 1.8 billion dollars with tax payers expected to foot 1.2 billion of the bill. Officially saying the it was simply no feasible .
City council will further discusses the plans on Monday, and will figure out what the next step will be… while the Calgary Sports and Entertainment group, who said they had no back up plan, will have to likely formulate a plan B.

Rally at City Hall Brings Opposing Views on Southwest BRT Project


The debate continued Wednesday at City Hall, where the Bus Rapid Transit project was contested by outreach group, Ready To Engage.

The four legs of the project are set for the north and south parts of the City, along with 17th Ave., but the most highly contested portion is the Southwest BRT.

Council originally alloted between $56 to $65 million for the project, which is much more than the original estimate of $40 million made in 2010.

Now, Ready To Engage, feels their tax dollars will be thrown under the bus says volunteer Doug Fraser.

“Diane Colley-Urquhart, the councillor for the area was on a radio station early this week and said common number is now 85 million dollars,” Fraser said.

“Now if you take the $65 million with the 50 per cent plus or minus, you get into the hundreds of millions.”

Despite the estimated increase, Sean Somers with the City’s Transportation Department still says the project for all four legs of the BRT will stay within budget.

“The big sort of caveat in my mind is that we’re still going to be able to deliver the program which is the four legs for that $208 million so arguably still within the budget,” Somers said.

Others are concerned the four year construction of the new bus lanes along 14th St. and 90th Ave. will increase traffic further. Many people like Lesley Farrar, are in support of re-routing the BRT entirely.

“Take into consideration new developments in the communities,” said Farrar.

“Specifically with the ring road, we should put together a transit system that will work, a system that will improve transit times to downtown.”

Despite the cancellation of public meetings, the City is still working to allow input through an online portal to hear any concerns at

City officials say the BRT will be a more reliable and faster method of travel for transit users and could increase ridership by up to 30 thousand more people.


It’s De Stress week here at SAIT! With up coming end of the year major projects, papers and exams just weeks away, SAITSA is coming to the aid of students with the annual de stress fest week.
SAITSA is putting on a series of different events throughout the week to help students cope with the axienty that comes at this time of year.
Some events this week in include the puppy room, free counselling drop ins, test taking work shops, free massage and yoga sessions, and free tea and snacks. For a full list of the events and when they are offered, visit SAITSA’s web site .



The University of Calgary Dinos baseball team have been training since the fall and are now in their final stretch of games before the playoffs.

When the boys arent on the field, they are coaching younger players, or studying for exams which are coming sooner than later.

Head coach of the Dinos Colin Moro says with each away tournament team is “looking to come back with at least a split or 3 wins and one loss.”

The boys are hoping to put a couple wins on the board this weekend when they play at home.

More than 5000 youth show up for 1000 jobs

More than 1000 people were in line before the event even began, with hopeful job seekers meeting the 80 employers present at the fair.

Calgary’s unemployment is at a twenty-year high, 8.4%, and it’s causing a surplus of over-qualified employees applying for entry-level jobs.

There are 1000 jobs up for grabs this year, and it’s a good opportunity for companies to fill a variety of jobs at one event, as well as promote their businesses.

The Calgary Youth Employment centre hosts the event in an effort to connect Calgary’s youth with potential employers face to face.

Job Market