Local school boards and city sign memorandum

agreementTwo local school boards have signed a memorandum of understanding with the city today.

The memorandum is based on the growing joint use of school sites as a part of a proposal in the city charter that allows the city to work with school boards in how to utilize space that has been designated as school use.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi is thrilled about this , and says this communication will be key to a successful future for the city and the school boards.

The memorandum  allows the school boards and the city to easily work together hand in hand, without having to go through the province anymore when they want things to get done.

He adds this could have connections going forward with city and school development.

Nenshi says potential implications for this could be fire halls on school properties, or senior citizen housing above a ground level school.


  • Kara Oosterhuis
    RTBN News

PC Party: To Merge or Rebuild


Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives have gained two more candidates that have hopes of eventually leading the party.

Donna Kennedy-Glans, former Calgary MLA, and Richard Starke, current Edmonton MLA have launched their campaigns.

Both candidates stated that they wanted to rebuild the party instead of merging it with the Wildrose Party.

Kennedy-Glans is saying she came upon this decision after talking to many of her supporters, and the commonality between them was that uniting the two is not the way to go with the next election.

Starke added on the topic of a merge that “They’re two different parties; they’re two different cultures.”

As of now there are four candidates running for the PC party.

Candidates Byron Nelson, Richard Starke, and Donna Kennedy-Glans all agree on keeping the two parties separate, while candidate Jason Kenney would like to dissolve the two into one.

All four however do agree on the subject that the NDP’s economic policies, and high debt loads, have been a negative in Alberta’s.


  • Kara Oosterhuis
    RTBN News



Small Business Tax Credit


By: Kelly-Anne Roberts

The Alberta government plans to introduce a new tax credit for investments in small businesses in the fall sittings of the legislature.

The tax credit is said to support up to 4400 new jobs over three years and contribute up to $500 million to the province’s GDP.

The tax credit is part of the government’s jobs plan.

Economic Development minister DeRon Bilous, says the 30 per cent tax credit will be made between April 14 of this year and December 31st, 2019.

The tax credit will be given to investors who provide capital to Alberta’s small businesses.

With the announcement today the province hopes that more small businesses who are thinking of starting up, do so.

Bishops outline refusing Assisted Death Funerals


By: Kelly-Anne Roberts

Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories have released a guideline to deal with assisted suicide, the guideline says priests should refuse funerals for most assisted suicides.

The document calls physician-assisted death a “grave sin”, saying it contradicts the teachings of the catholic church. In the document it states, priests should weigh the circumstances of each funeral request.

It also says church funerals should be denied for families who want to celebrate the assisted death decision of their loved ones.

The guidelines don’t rule out funerals for everyone and priests can come up with other options, such as speaking at graveside services or at a funeral home, just not within the church.

Seven Bishops from Alberta and the Northwest Territories signed the document, the first of its kind in Canada.

Whirling Disease continues to Plague Banff


By: Kelly-Anne Roberts

Whirling disease was found in Johnson Lake in Banff National Park at the end of August and within three weeks’ officials announced it had spread to the upper Bow River.

Six more locations were added to the list of rivers, creeks and lakes with confirmed cases of the disease on Thursday.

The disease doesn’t harm people or mammals but it does effect most fish, including, salmon, trout, char and whitefish. Whirling disease causes fish to swim erratically or whirl, making it difficult to feed and avoid predators.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said in a note on their website, “Whirling disease may have been present for several years and the ongoing sampling will help determine the extent of the distribution and the most appropriate disease response.”

The detection of the disease in August was the first confirmed case in Canada.

Brazilian Bobsleigh in Calgary


By: Kelly-Anne Roberts

It’s the Brazilian version of “Cool Runnings”! The Brazilian bobsleigh team is trying to raise money for the next winter Olympics in South Korea in 2018.

The team is based out of Calgary and will be hosting a fundraiser on October 5th called the Festa E Fundraiser. The event will have an all you can eat dinner, live entertainment, silent auction, and a meet and greet with the team.

The money from the fundraiser will go towards a new 4-man sled and to cover other expenses.

Head coach of the bobsled team Christiano Paes says they don’t get any support from the Brazilian government.

Paes says, “we thought about reaching out to our racing community, and see if Calgarians can support and help us with our Olympic dream.”

The team usually start with the Brazilian community but most are new to Canada and don’t have enough to donate.

The bobsled team was in the 2014 Sochi Olympics and is hoping to be able to compete once again in 2018.

Uber Gets Go Ahead From Calgary

uberThe City of Calgary has finally granted ride sharing app, Uber, a transportation network company license to operate under the current bylaw.

There are still some tweaks being made, and until those are resolved Uber says it won’t be picking up people in Calgary.

Councillor Evan Woolley stated there needs to be as few barriers as possible, in order for the drivers to join the system, and there needs to be a frame work that keeps Calgarians safe.

According to the city, drivers aren’t yet licensed to drive for Uber, and even when they have been they still need to apply to get court injunction against them lifted.

  • Troy Durrell