PC Party: To Merge or Rebuild


Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives have gained two more candidates that have hopes of eventually leading the party.

Donna Kennedy-Glans, former Calgary MLA, and Richard Starke, current Edmonton MLA have launched their campaigns.

Both candidates stated that they wanted to rebuild the party instead of merging it with the Wildrose Party.

Kennedy-Glans is saying she came upon this decision after talking to many of her supporters, and the commonality between them was that uniting the two is not the way to go with the next election.

Starke added on the topic of a merge that “They’re two different parties; they’re two different cultures.”

As of now there are four candidates running for the PC party.

Candidates Byron Nelson, Richard Starke, and Donna Kennedy-Glans all agree on keeping the two parties separate, while candidate Jason Kenney would like to dissolve the two into one.

All four however do agree on the subject that the NDP’s economic policies, and high debt loads, have been a negative in Alberta’s.


  • Kara Oosterhuis
    RTBN News