Lethbridge police found 2 kids in a frigid car



Lethbridge police have laid charges against two women after their two children were found alone in a vehicle left outside in the cold for over an hour.

According to investigators, a three year old girl and a four year old boy were inside a locked vehicle near 5th street south at around 11:30pm on Thursday.

The temperature was -18 and the vehicle was not running.

Surveillance footage shows the pair had been inside the bar for over a hour.

The women cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the children.

They are charged with one count each of failing to provide the necessaries of life.

  • Jacob LeBlanc




Icy roads lead to many crashes Friday morning



It’s been a busy day for emergency crews this morning, with slick conditions all over the city has lead to accidents everywhere.

Calgary police say they’ve responded to 24 crashes during the morning rush hours of 5-8am, five of the 24 crashes led to injuries.

Last Friday the city only saw 5 crashes at this time.

Traffic crews say that the roads were slick in the north part of the city along deer foot trail.

  • Jacob LeBlanc


More positive outlook for oil in 2017


There is a more positive outlook for the oil sector in 2017.

Scotiabank released an optimistic report suggesting that the oil could finally get back on track.

Derek Holt, Vice President of  Scotiabank Economics Derek Holt says oil prices have recovered pretty well since the beginning of 2016.

Even in a continued recovery in 2017, Holt thinks that it will still take two-five years before Canada can raise it’s 4.7 percent share of oil production because they still have to wait on pipelines.

  • Jacob LeBlanc

Calgary not only getting hit by snow, their seeing the flu bug as well


Calgary this year has gotten hit harder with the flu than any other place in the province.

The latest numbers from Alberta Health Services show’s the city has roughly 70% of Alberta’s lab confirmed flu strains.

Two thirds of Calgary have yet to be vaccinated and in terms of hospitalizations, Calgary has 134 of the provinces 189 flu cases.

AHS is reporting the provinces second death to the influenza in the Southern Zone.

Given the holidays are coming up, they say the shot or vaccine is the best chance you have in making sure you’re healthy.

  • Jacob LeBlanc



Facebook’s Fight Against Fake News


By Megan Brennan

Facebook is taking new measures to stop the spread of fake news from circulating on its site.

The social network will make it easier for users to report fake news when it comes up on their timeline.

If enough people report a story as fake, Facebook will then pass it to a third-party-fact-checking organizations that are part of the nonprofit Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network.

Five organizations are working with Facebook on this: ABC News, Politifact, The Associated Press, FactCheck.org and Snopes.

Stories that do not pass the fact check will not be removed from Facebook, but they will be publicly flagged as “disputed” and appear lower down on peoples timelines.

John Hegeman, Vice President of Product Management on news feed, says “we do believe that we have an obligation to combat the spread of fake news.”

Fake news stories can be quicker to go viral than news stories from traditional sources.

In addition to fact-checkers, Facebook is also using algorithms to de-emphasize fake news stories.

Fake news will not disappear from Facebook completely, Adam Mosseri, Vice President of Products for Facebook’s news feed says “we believe providing more context can help people decide for themselves what to trust and what to share.”


Modernized royalty system coming into effect January 1

Starting in the new year, Alberta’s Modernized Royalty Framework for new oil and gas wellS will come into effect after the approval of a series of regulatory changes.

It will include two new programs to encourage industry to explore new areas, and to boost production.

After accepting the recommendations of the Royalty Review Advisory Panel last year the government has introduced a number of measures including technical formulas so oil and gas producers can move ahead on drilling and investment plans, early access to the new royalty framework to attract incremental investment this year, as well as the two new royalty programs.

– Kara Oosterhuis


First Nations consultation provides direction for repatriation

Ongoing discussions with Indigenous leaders across the province have encouraged a new direction for repatriation of sacred ceremonial objects held in government collections.

The reasoning behind this is to better address the unique cultural needs of First Nations and Metis communities.

First Nations leaders indicated a preference to maintain a distinct repatriation process through consultations following the introduction of Bill 22.

In order to ensure there is continued repatriation of sacred ceremonial objects to First Nation communites, the Alberta government has moved to proclaim Section 2 of the First Nations Sacred Ceremonial Objects Repartriation Act, also known as FNSCORA.

This movement allows continued repatriation to Blackfoot First Nations and development of regulations for repatriation of items held in government collections to other First Nations.

The section must be proclaimed by December 31 or it will be repealed.

– Kara Oosterhuis