Fair Elections Financing Act Has Been Given Royal Assent


By Megan Brennan

The Fair Elections Financing Act limits the influence of big money election outcomes by lowering the cap on political donations to $4,000 per individuals contributor per year.

In past years individuals were able to give $15,000 to a political party each year which doubled after the calendar year was over.\

Christina Gray, Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal, says “Alberta’s laws will now lead the country in limiting the influence of big money on elections.

“With legislation, we are putting an end to loopholes and backroom deals for well-connected friends and insiders of political parties. ”

Gray also said “this act helps ensure a transparent, level playing field for all parties and candidates.”

The spending limit for Alberta for political parties is now $2 million, and in each electoral division there is a combined spending limit of $50,00 for each individual candidate.

Placing spending limits encourage candidates and parties to rely on ideas, not budget to earn supporters.

Between elections, third parties will be required to register with Elections Alberta and disclose contributions on a “sunshine list” if they plan to spend $1,000 on political advertising.

Amendments made to the act as it went through the legislative assembly, include auditing provisions for leadership contestants and clarification on third-party advertising rules.