Garland trial continues with more evidence

Calgary Court-Exterior2.jpg

By: Kristen Fong

The Garland trial is taking a break until Monday but Thursday’s courtroom was full of evidence analysis of items found on Douglas Garland’s property. Garland has been charged with the murders of Kathy and Alvin Liknes and their 5-year-old grandson Nathan O’Brien.

Defense Kim Ross questioned primary forensic investigator Constable Ian Oxton who was the lead investigator at both the Liknes home and Garland property.

Multiple items including a hacksaw, handcuffs, and needles, were seized from a outbuilding on Garland’s farm. Ross asked if Oxton tested the items for fingerprints which he said no. He explained that many of the items were too small to get a proper fingerprint from and Ross then replied suggesting there was no way to find out who owned these items, who put them there and how long they have been there. Oxton agreed with this statement.

625 items were also seized from Garland’s garage where Oxton said a wide variety of chemicals were found. A small, burned circuit board was also found on his property. Forensic hardware engineer Kimberly Warren says she was asked to analyze the circuit to determine what it was. She said it was likely from a Toyota key fob. A Toyota Tundra was found in the driveway of the Liknes home after their disappearance but there was none of Garland’s DNA found at the home.

Calgary Police Sergeant Sarah Robison helped process Garland’s Ford F-150 Truck and said she tested multiple areas of the car for evidence of blood. She used blue star presumptive testing and results were immediate and positive.

This trial is schedules to last 5 weeks.