The housing sector and the economy


Are Calgarians looking to find a great deal on homes or are they waiting for a better economic time?

It’s been a tough time for both buyers and sellers this past year.

Stats from the Royal Bank of Canada show Calgary’s market trend may finally be improving.

This year more people left Alberta than moved into the province.

Fortunately home resales have picked up.

“Our absolute volume of sales has been the lowest its been in ten years… If you look at the consumer side potentially there’s been some positives.”
Realtor, Linda Olsen

Some Calgarians aren’t sure if the economy has stabilized enough to make such a big investment, especially after so many lost their jobs in oil and gas.

“I’ve been laid off for eight months, so were putting it on hold. I just got a job and once my probation is up, I’ll start looking.”
Potential home buyer, Diana Huynh

Although the economy seems to be improving, it might take some time for it to trickle down into the sousing sector.

  • Alison MacKinnon