The Road trip: An Alberta vacation alternative

The Calgary R.V. show is back at the BMO Center for its 48th year, but in Alberta economy, are people still inclined to travel?

A trip to a resort or theme park for a family of four, can cost thousands of dollars: hotel, spending money, a round trip ticket; But A drive through Alberta’s Rocky Mountains may only cost a tank of gas, and the pain of listening to dad’s play list .

Businesses looking to sell at the annual R.V. show said they hoping they can still appeal to families effected by Alberta’s current economic state.

“Last year we even found that when the economy goes down, more people, tend to go camping because it’s a lot cheaper to go camping than fly your entire family to Disney land or Florida.”Sales manager for Race Track R.V, James Traxler said.

This year, will be an even cheaper year for Canadian Travel; All Canadian national parks will have free admission as part of the country’s 150th birthday, so families can still make memories without breaking the bank.

Cassandra Stefanic