Women in math and technology

pexels-photo-29781.jpgIn elementary school 66% of girl say they’re good at math, but by high school that number drops to only 18%.

Students at SAIT were able to learn from women who’ve pursued careers in math and sciences at the Women in Stem and Trades Workshop.

The workshop focused on indigenous women in these field and their experiences.

Only 39% of female graduates receive a science, technology, engineering or math degree.

Which is why the Applied Research and Innovation Studies (ARIS) is trying to educate and empower women who are in these fields.

Studies show, although many female students find these types of programs fun, they lack the confident to pursue them.

Petroleum technologist, Tara Williams says “Women can do it, they can do the engineering, math and sciences.”

Williams says women don’t go into these types of programs because of our culture and the stereotypes of it being men’s work.

ARIS is hoping by putting on these types of events, people will understand that these fields are not gender based.

  • Alison MacKinnon