Cardiac Awareness


The University of Calgary’s Dr. Kathryn King-Shier recently conducted a study that gender and ethnicity influence cardiac symptoms and access to care. Her findings showed that minorities and women in Canada got treatment significantly slower than a man.

Cardiac diseases such as heart attack or stroke can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics and fitness level. A good way to boost cardio is to run, but it can be way simpler than that. Some personal trainers tell their clients to treat everyday activity as a workout. Something as easy as parking far away from the store to walk a little more or taking the stairs works fine too.

Dr. King-Shier says because of the limited access to fast emergency care, do not hesitate to call EMS for assistance.


Matt Fetinko


Why Reading Week exists?


Reading Week is a Canadian event but it can also be witnessed in China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, United States and some other places around the world.

Schools brought this in February years ago because the schools were finding many students with stress or suffering depression.

The symptoms of depression include lack of appetite, loneliness and more.

The purpose of it is not a small vacation. The real purpose is to give students an opportunity to catch up on any assignments they might have, rest a bit in order to de-stress.

With the options given by SAIT for the students, it can be a great idea to attend at least once de-stressing event to have a clear mind and be ready for the midterms.


Ivan Ivanoff






Educating awareness of sexual health in SAIT


The sexual awareness event at Heritage Hall in SAIT features a number of fun games focusing on teaching the students about how to have safe sex.

All young people have to make some decisions about their sexual and reproductive health that are crucial in their life.

However, most adolescents lack the knowledge of making decisions in a responsible way making them vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

Many of institutions such as Calgary Community Against Sexual Assaults (CCASA) attended the event to explain how to have safer sex and what to do in a sexual assault case.

SAIT created this event to teach their students about sexual protection to prevent diseases and other implications.

This event happens once or twice a year.

Ivan Ivanoff


Youth employment, there is many options for help

As we reach the middle of February, many students have graduation on the mind.
Along with graduation – comes the pressure of finding an industry related job.
Our current economy has many people worried about their future.
Many worry, but they don’t know what sort of help they have available to them.
A lot of students don’t think about heading down to the Calgary Youth Employment Centre, or even know it exists.
Jennifer MacSween, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Youth Employment Centre says that the market right now is extremely competitive.
She adds that “where our economy is sitting right now… it is really crucial that young people come into the centre, get connected with that employment councilor so that they can get ahead of their competition, and be able to utilize our services, because they are free of cost.”
Students are not always given the tools they need to make proper resumes, or conduct proper interview etiquette.
MacSween says that “in order to be successful, a young person especially needs to make sure that they are fully equipped so that they can get into the work force. Whether that’s networking with certain employers or if it’s educating themselves more about these companies and the getting those skills and qualifications as well. That’s really crucial with entering into the workforce successfully.”
Many predict the economy is on an upturn, which could help jobs become more redily available to graduates across the province.
– Kara Oosterhuis

Reading Week


Reading Week is just around the corner and for many students, this will be their first time traveling alone or booking their first trip.

Places like Flight Center and Destinations offer expert advice on booking for trips.

Getting out for the break will help students de-stress especially in a tough time with exams.


Fourth Annual Pride day at SAIT


gay.jpgThe Fourth annual Pride Day took place Thursday with a raising of a flag.

Other events included a hot chocolate march around campus, the Odyssey Coffee House and the Gateway bar were decorated and showed support as well.

The idea of Pride Day is to promote tolerance and be sure that everyone on campus is safe.

The Head of SAIT’S student services department Michael Sondermann says our campus is a very safe place and any harassment of students in the community is very slim.

Even though there wasn’t a large crowd at the flag raising event but it doesn’t reflect the number of students who identify with the LBGTQ community.


Pride for Canadian Citizens

For us born and raised in Canada, we often take our Canadian Citizenship for granted.
For people immigrating to our country, it’s a choice for a new life.
Russell Cardeau, a brand new citizen, says that when he recieved his Canadian Citizenship on Wednesday, he was in tears.
“It really means so much to me. It’s a whole new rights and freedoms. I’ve had the same rights, but now I get to vote too”, says Cardeau.
It is a lot of work to get your citizenship, and people that receive it have put in a lot of time and effort to get to where they are.
The happiness and pride for Canada shone across each persons face as they went up to sign the official document on Wednesday.
Diane Sheridan, another new Canadian Citizen, said that to her, being a citizen means to have pride in what country you have chosen.
At the ceremony, some shared stories of why they wanted to become a citizen, and why this would be one of the most memorable days of their lives.
Jermyn Voon, Chair Member for the Canadian Club, says that “it’s very important for Canada because we need to celebrate and be proud of where we are born, and where we became citizens. “
This year on July 1st, Canada will turn 150 years old.
On Canada Day, we will celebrate and add even more to our big Canadian family.
– Kara Oosterhuis