Pride for Canadian Citizens

For us born and raised in Canada, we often take our Canadian Citizenship for granted.
For people immigrating to our country, it’s a choice for a new life.
Russell Cardeau, a brand new citizen, says that when he recieved his Canadian Citizenship on Wednesday, he was in tears.
“It really means so much to me. It’s a whole new rights and freedoms. I’ve had the same rights, but now I get to vote too”, says Cardeau.
It is a lot of work to get your citizenship, and people that receive it have put in a lot of time and effort to get to where they are.
The happiness and pride for Canada shone across each persons face as they went up to sign the official document on Wednesday.
Diane Sheridan, another new Canadian Citizen, said that to her, being a citizen means to have pride in what country you have chosen.
At the ceremony, some shared stories of why they wanted to become a citizen, and why this would be one of the most memorable days of their lives.
Jermyn Voon, Chair Member for the Canadian Club, says that “it’s very important for Canada because we need to celebrate and be proud of where we are born, and where we became citizens. “
This year on July 1st, Canada will turn 150 years old.
On Canada Day, we will celebrate and add even more to our big Canadian family.
– Kara Oosterhuis