Youth employment, there is many options for help

As we reach the middle of February, many students have graduation on the mind.
Along with graduation – comes the pressure of finding an industry related job.
Our current economy has many people worried about their future.
Many worry, but they don’t know what sort of help they have available to them.
A lot of students don’t think about heading down to the Calgary Youth Employment Centre, or even know it exists.
Jennifer MacSween, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Youth Employment Centre says that the market right now is extremely competitive.
She adds that “where our economy is sitting right now… it is really crucial that young people come into the centre, get connected with that employment councilor so that they can get ahead of their competition, and be able to utilize our services, because they are free of cost.”
Students are not always given the tools they need to make proper resumes, or conduct proper interview etiquette.
MacSween says that “in order to be successful, a young person especially needs to make sure that they are fully equipped so that they can get into the work force. Whether that’s networking with certain employers or if it’s educating themselves more about these companies and the getting those skills and qualifications as well. That’s really crucial with entering into the workforce successfully.”
Many predict the economy is on an upturn, which could help jobs become more redily available to graduates across the province.
– Kara Oosterhuis