MacDonalds Security Breach


Over 95,000 McDonald’s Canada applicants have been hacked through a section of their website.

Personal information was disclosed to an anonymous hacker including names, addresses, phone numbers, and employment histories.

In response to the attack, McDonald’s stated that the site doesn’t collect bank information and social insurance numbers.

McDonald’s Canada is investigating the matter and advises future applicants to apply in person before applying online.

-Ali Kovacevic


Workshop for social workers


There were a number of international and provincial experts on disaster recovery at Hotel Arts Thursday morning. They worked in collaboration with the Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW) in an effort to enhance social workers’ ability to help families and individuals following natural disasters.

They are constructing a workshop that will help social workers become more versatile after natural disasters, the first workshop of its kind in Alberta.

Floods are one of the most destructive forces among all disasters, making it critical for social workers to know how to handle situations as effectively as possible.

“The devastation is in a larger scale when it comes to floods,” says Dr. Golam Mathbor, a social worker professor at Monmouth University, “Because of this, we need to reach out to all communities, not just the effected community.”

Social workers are on the front lines all the time and know the people within the communities, making them a major asset in the recovery process. The main message that was delivered was to find a way to include social workers in the rehabilitation process as much as possible to let them assist individuals and families during their times of need.


Matt Fetinko

Calgary Police Service introduces new accountability measures


The Calgary Police Service is introducing a new seven point plan to improve accountability in the workplace. The news comes after 14-year veteran, Jen Ward, resigned from the force after what she says was multiple occasions of bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment.

“I can’t go back right now because I do not feel safe, and I do not feel things have changed.” Ward explained, “I do not feel it is a safe environment right now because they are not acknowledging that bullying and harassment is an issue within the service.”

The CPS conducted a workplace review in 2013, which highlighted a lot of the same issues as the new Accountability Report. An employee survey was conducted in 2016 that showed most employees still feel there are multiple biases within the workforce, including gender and race.

There has been some criticism over how urgently the CPS is working to fix these problems, as one survey shows 71% of employees either disagree or are in the middle in terms of how committed they feel CPS is to diversity among its employees.


Matt Fetinko

SAITSA Elections

Students of SAIT had the chance to choose new people to represent them.
SAITSA hosted the election during the week March 27-31 for four executive positions.
Students seems they don’t care, last year just 8% of SAIT’s students voted in the elections.
Board of Directors member, Tanya Pittis says this year have a good feeling that it’s going to be a high turnout for the executive council.
One of SAITSA’s objective this year is to get 25% percent of students out to the polls using funny posters to get students attention.
All SAITSA candidates have one thing in common “let the students know about their benefits and how to use them.
To vote, students just needed to answer an email from SAIT telling them to fill the survey.
This year the numbers of students voting increased up to 15%.
Ivan Ivanoff

Youth Hiring Fair at Stampede Park Centre


(Photo by Chelsey Harms/660 NEWS)
Alberta it is currently having a tough economy, by that thousands of young people are feeling the necessity to look out for jobs.
That does not mean it is easy. Young people don’t have experience or the right connections.
More than 5k people between ages of 15 and 24 assisted to Youth Hiring Fair at Stampede Park Centre to check what the fair has to offer.
The fair happens once a year offering a variety of options for young people which include how to do resumes, cover letters and develop skills to have a great interview.
The number of attendees has increased over the years.
Ivan Ivanoff.

Hitmen’s season comes to an end.


By: Megan Brennan

The Calgary Hitmen were looking for a miracle that just didn’t come as the Regina Pats took round one of the best-of-seven series 4-0 Thursday night.

The Hitmen were out shot 38-21, giving the Pats the edge to end the game with a 5-1 score.

Calgary finished off the regular season fourth in the Central Division, while Regina finished first overall in the East Division.

With the Hitmen’s season at an end, the team says goodbye to Trevor Martin, Tyler Mrkonjic and captain Micheal Zipp.

The game’s three stars went to Calgary Hitmen Mark Kastelic and Regina Pats Connor Hobbs and Austin Wagner.

University of Calgary hosts Career Fair


The University of Calgary hosted one of its five career fairs. This one is specifically designed for summer jobs. Businesses like Sunnyside or Heritage Park experience an influx of hires. The goal for students is to pay for their tuition.

Lauren Remple, employer relations specialist at the University of Calgary, actively makes connections with employers that might not traditionally hire students.

Papers being provided at these booths are guides on how to apply online.

Seasonal businesses like sunshine village have not taken advantage of the summer career fairs in the past. Sunshine is known for its winter activities but now the area is opened all year around.

“Were having a huge response… A lot of interest. People didn’t realize that we’re open for the summer. Of course it’s the first time that the hotel’s been open for a long time, but they’re very excited about having an opportunity to work in our national parks especially during the 150th anniversary. It’s just an opportunity you can’t find elsewhere in western Canada right now.”-Trish Hardy, Recruitment Manager for Sunshine

-Ali Kovacevic