University of Calgary hosts Career Fair


The University of Calgary hosted one of its five career fairs. This one is specifically designed for summer jobs. Businesses like Sunnyside or Heritage Park experience an influx of hires. The goal for students is to pay for their tuition.

Lauren Remple, employer relations specialist at the University of Calgary, actively makes connections with employers that might not traditionally hire students.

Papers being provided at these booths are guides on how to apply online.

Seasonal businesses like sunshine village have not taken advantage of the summer career fairs in the past. Sunshine is known for its winter activities but now the area is opened all year around.

“Were having a huge response… A lot of interest. People didn’t realize that we’re open for the summer. Of course it’s the first time that the hotel’s been open for a long time, but they’re very excited about having an opportunity to work in our national parks especially during the 150th anniversary. It’s just an opportunity you can’t find elsewhere in western Canada right now.”-Trish Hardy, Recruitment Manager for Sunshine

-Ali Kovacevic