Calgary Police Service introduces new accountability measures


The Calgary Police Service is introducing a new seven point plan to improve accountability in the workplace. The news comes after 14-year veteran, Jen Ward, resigned from the force after what she says was multiple occasions of bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment.

“I can’t go back right now because I do not feel safe, and I do not feel things have changed.” Ward explained, “I do not feel it is a safe environment right now because they are not acknowledging that bullying and harassment is an issue within the service.”

The CPS conducted a workplace review in 2013, which highlighted a lot of the same issues as the new Accountability Report. An employee survey was conducted in 2016 that showed most employees still feel there are multiple biases within the workforce, including gender and race.

There has been some criticism over how urgently the CPS is working to fix these problems, as one survey shows 71% of employees either disagree or are in the middle in terms of how committed they feel CPS is to diversity among its employees.


Matt Fetinko