Workshop for social workers


There were a number of international and provincial experts on disaster recovery at Hotel Arts Thursday morning. They worked in collaboration with the Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW) in an effort to enhance social workers’ ability to help families and individuals following natural disasters.

They are constructing a workshop that will help social workers become more versatile after natural disasters, the first workshop of its kind in Alberta.

Floods are one of the most destructive forces among all disasters, making it critical for social workers to know how to handle situations as effectively as possible.

“The devastation is in a larger scale when it comes to floods,” says Dr. Golam Mathbor, a social worker professor at Monmouth University, “Because of this, we need to reach out to all communities, not just the effected community.”

Social workers are on the front lines all the time and know the people within the communities, making them a major asset in the recovery process. The main message that was delivered was to find a way to include social workers in the rehabilitation process as much as possible to let them assist individuals and families during their times of need.


Matt Fetinko