Measles virus found in Calgary: Real Canadian Superstore customers are being warned


Calgarians are being warned of a possible measles case in the city.

Alberta Health Services says the disease was confirmed in an unimmunized girl who has a history of travel to India. She was potentially exposed to the virus while travelling in India and flew back to Calgary between Jan. 9 and 10.

Customers of a Real Canadian Superstore on Southport Road Southwest and passengers of a British Airways flight are being alerted they may have been exposed to measles.

AHS says the Real Canadian Superstore is the only public place the child and her parents visited while contagious.


– Louise van Dam


Jason Kenney Sworn into Legislature

The United Conservative Party of Alberta has it’s leader.

On January 29, 2018 Jason Kenney was sworn into office as the leader of Alberta’s official opposition party. The seat became available after former UCP leader David Rodney stepped down, allowing Kenney to run.

Kenney previously took the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party back in 2017, before successfully negotiating a merger with Alberta’s Wildrose Party.

Alberta’s next provincial election is scheduled for May 31, 2019.

-Christian Oldale

Alberta Sign

Opioid-awareness campaign launches in Alberta

Alberta Health Services Sign

CALGARY- Alberta Health Services announced a new province wide movement to raise awareness about the available support with opioid use.
It will soon be hard for any Albertan to miss the realities of this crisis. AHS is attracting the attention by advertising around both Edmonton and Calgary through billboards, radio, post-secondary campuses, restaurants, bars and as well as advertisements on transit trains.

After a report released in late November claiming that 462 people had died in Alberta due to opioid overdose more efforts are being made to end this crisis.

“The campaign hopes to increase awareness of the supports available that could help save lives.”

Brandy Payne, Associate Health Minister said in a release. Payne also notes that

“the province is increasing access to opioid dependency treatment, naloxone kits to counteract fentanyl overdoses and supervised consumption services.”

-Reya Lehoux

Accusations of sexual assault leave a gymnastics coach behind bars


Police arrested Ontario gymnastics coach, Scott McFarlane, for sexually harassing a teenaged girl.

Peel Regional Police say they were approached earlier this year by a 15-year-old girl who reported multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. MacFarlane was the coach of the victim, with the allegations spanning over a 4-year period.

Gymnastics Ontario has indefinitely suspended McFarlane. He previously coached in Mississauga and Ottawa.

McFarlane has been charged with sexual assault, sexual interference, luring a child under 16 years old, making sexually explicit material available to a child under 16 years of age and indecent exposure to a child.

Police believe there may be more victims and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

-Mandy Vocke

Cannabis and liquor to be sold in a joint venture


potHalifax announced that once cannabis is legalized in July it will be sold at nine liquor stores across the province. Proposals for construction companies are also in the works to alter the stores to market the product.

Mark Furey, the Justice Minister of Nova Scotia, mentioned that they will not only offer it in stores but online as well and home delivery will be available.

Among the nine liquor stores their will be one exclusively selling the plant. Once cannabis hits stores each household will also be able to grow up to four plants of the drug in their home.

-Andrea Ferrari

Provincial Premiers put problem’s in the past

agreement Conflict over Saskatchewan attempts to ban Alberta licence plates from its government work sites has been put to a stop.

But the tension between the provincial leaders, is still high lately.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe are planning to address the issues at hand in order to move on.

It’s expected that the two will share some differences, but Moe feels it’ll be okay and is looking forward to the discussion with Notley.

– Vanessa Arrate

New Opioid Awareness Campaign


Alberta Health introduced a new opioid awareness campaign. Associate Health Minister Brandy Payne says the campaign hopes to increase awareness for opioid treatments. Payne’s believes awareness could help save lives that could have otherwise been lost to opioids. The campaign will help show awareness through advertising in ways such as billboards, radio spots and posters around post- secondary campuses.
Last November a reported 462 people died in Alberta from fentanyl overdoses, a huge increase from 2016, where only 293 overdoses occurred. With the numbers rising, Alberta Health hopes this campaign will help prevent deaths, as well as the growing number of families affected by opioid overdoses.

-Brooke Bottcher
(The Canadian Press)