Multiple Toronto murders being investigated in alleged serial killer case


A 66-year-old Toronto man has been arrested in a multiple-murder case that police worry could be the largest in the city’s history.

Bruce McArthur was arrested earlier this month, and was initially charged with killing two men who had disappeared from Toronto’s gay village.

On Monday, three more first-degree murder chargers were added against the self-employed landscaper.

The dismembered skeletal remains of at least three people were found at the bottom of planter boxes at a home McArthur apparently worked on.

Police believe there are more victims to be found, and are searching gardens and planters at approximately 30 locations around Toronto where McArthur worked.


— Danica Ferris


Edmonton Stollery under fire after a IV caused severe damage to 3 year olds hand.

Alberta Health Services has issued a apology to the family of 3 year old Emmy Gunther after her mother complained that her child’s hand was damaged by a IV after open-heart surgery.

Emmy Gunther was admitted into the Edmonton Stollery Childrens Hospital for open-heart surgery on January 16th. Following the surgery she was hooked up to a IV. Jalena Gunther, Emmy’s mother, claims her daughters pain began after the insertion of the IV but said no one checked on the child to see the cause of the pain.

Gunther says that it wasn’t until the next day that a different nurse noticed the IV had slipped out of her daughters vein and into her skin. Gunther says her daughter will need four surgeries to repair the damage of her hand.

Gunther has since made a formal complaint to Albert Health Services and hopes that disciplinary action will be taken against the nurses who didn’t follow protocol. AHS is reviewing the situation and quality of care.

-Storrm Lennie

Thousands of Albertan’s gather to see Holy Catholic Artifact

Church Interior

The severed arm of a Catholic saint was put on display at St. Albert church this weekend, where more than 3000 Albertan’s came to view the 456 year old relic.

Catholics across Alberta came to have an opportunity to touch the glass holding the severed arm

The relic is believed to be the arm of Saint Francis, a missionary who blessed thousands of people in the 1500’s.

Francis was known for his work in Asia, where he baptized thousands under his guidance.

The relic drew huge crowds of both young and new, especially from Asian communities here in Calgary.


Ryan O’Donnell – January 22 2018






Three people arrested in stolen vehicle with weapons in Airdrie


The Airdrie RCMP have arrested three people after a routine traffic stop turned into a deadly high speed chase, early Sunday morning.

Police say the vehicle and a trailer were stolen. One of the suspects was  found with a concealed knife.

RCMP pulled the driver over when they noticed the Ford F-150 was pulling a trailer without its lights on.

The driver explained that he was attempting to fix the lights, but then drove away at a dangerously high speed.

The truck was eventually abandoned after it lost control. The suspects fled on foot.

Police were able to apprehend all three male suspects, but official charges have not yet been laid.

Cindy Letic   January 22, 2018


Traffic delayed due to truck fire on Deerfoot Trail


Calgary- A semi-trailer caught fire on northbound Deerfoot Trail early Monday morning causing delays for morning commuters.

Emergency crews were called to the scene just before 6 a.m.

Firefighters had two of three lanes closed off to respond to the fire, leaving it hard for commuters to access the downtown core.

Just after 7 a.m. the truck was moved opening one of two closed lanes.

The remaining closed lane had been reopened just before 8 a.m. but, emergency crews remained on the right shoulder.

Tanner Strauss – January 22, 2018


Scam prevention now at the pumps


Gas Pump

Crime Stoppers, Petro Canada, and Circle K have joined forces to help prevent fraud at gas pumps.

Anti-skimming stickers are being applied to both card readers and PIN key pads.  The stickers will make it more difficult to tamper with parts of the pump.

When the machines are tampered with, the sticker will break which will notify customers and staff about a potential alteration made to the machines.  Customers who notice something wrong with the stickers are advised not to use the pump.

Danny Seymour – January 22, 2018

New safety measure at gas station are keeping fraudsters out


Petro-Canada and Circle K stores have teamed up with Crime Stoppers to prevent fraud by putting decals on their gas pumps. Two Anti-skimming stickers are being placed on the pumps as well as one on card readers.

Officials are asking drivers to be aware and make noticing that if one or both stickers are tampered with to check the pay reader before inserting a card.

As technology the city of Calgary has to keep up with fraudsters. In an interview with  the president of the Crime Stoppers Association Curtis Dyck said “Ensuring we have a safe and secure environment for our guests to visit is our top priority.”

Andrea Ferrari -January 22, 2018