Alberta’s Education Minister says superintendent salaries are too high


Alberta’s Education Minister, David Eggin, says measures need to be taken with Alberta’s overly high superintendent wage.

A report showed base salaries for Alberta school superintendents rose by 10 percent between 2015 and 2016, while pay for teachers remained flat.


In Calgary, the Chief Superintendent of the Public System receives a base salary of 295,000 dollars a year.

Eggin hasn’t specified what measures will be taken, but hasn’t ruled out a salary cap.

-Mandy Vocke



Two Alberta women deny dancing dirty in Cambodia


Two Alberta women landed back in Canada after being jailed in Cambodia for what was called “pornographic dancing.” The two women deny all charges against them.

After a picture of an outdoor pool was uploaded by 19 Eden Kazoleas on to Facebook, she and 29 year old Jessica Drolet were both arrested among eight other people.

“It was terrifying, honestly”

Kazoleas said what made the experience so scary was neither of the women spoke the native language. 90 people were detained and it’s unclear why only 10 people were taken into custody. Their lawyer Frances Tibollo, said Kazoleas and Drolet didn’t appear to be in the photo.

The women aren’t happy about how they were portrayed in the media. Now the two are just glad to be back on Canadian soil. Drolet advises that if you’re going to be traveling, be aware of culture and do your research.

Vanessa Arrate

Nenshi considers Calgary Olympic bid from Pyeongchang

calgary skylineCalgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is in South Korea this week, while he and delegates from the City of Calgary weigh the pros and cons of a potential 2026 Winter Games in the city.

Calgary is the last remaining North American contender to host in 2026, as the U.S. Olympic Committee has announced that both Denver and Salt Lake City have decided not to bid.

As a guest on the CBC Olympic broadcast, Nenshi recognized that Calgary possesses all the tools to host a fantastic Winter Games, but questioned whether or not it’s a good decision for the city right now:

“We have to answer two questions: Can we do it? Absolutely, we can do it, and we can do a great job of it. But the more important question right now is should we do it. Is it right for Canada, is it right for Alberta, is it right for Calgary to do it now?”

Calgary hosted the Olympics in 1988, and much of the infrastructure built for those Winter Games remains in decent shape. However the estimated price to host is still estimated at almost $5 billion.

Nenshi expects that they will have a decision on a Calgary bid by this summer. Cities in Sweden, Japan, and Switzerland are also in the running for 2026.


— Danica Ferris

Man arrested for shooting granted day parole

Mohamed Salad’s prison sentence has been greatly reduced.

pexels-photo-690800.jpegBack in January 2016, Salad was arrested at Calgary’s Ten X nightclub after firing three bullets at the club. The incident occurred after Salad has caused a commotion in the club, and security had him removed. Salad returned soon after and fired three shots, one hit a man named Kenneth Duru in the abdomen, breaking his ribs. The second shot grazed a man’s arm as the third hit the wall.

Salad was handed a seven year prison sentence on October 3, 2016, but has since been granted day parole for what the prison employees call “Great behavior behind bars.”

Salad is eligible for full parole in September of 2020.

Carbon Monoxide leak plagues Airdrie apartment building twice in one week

Nearly a week after a 12 year old boy died in an Airdrie apartment building from a  carbon monoxide leak, fire crews were called to investigate a second leak in the same building.

Sara Gillespie, a resident of the building on Willowbrook Road, called the Airdrie Fire Department just after midnight, when her carbon monoxide detector went off.

Gillespie says she is still shaken by the entire ordeal.

“It’s been a pretty stressful and emotional week…last night, just kind of topped it all off.” 

Officials said both leaks were caused by a faulty water heater not venting properly.

Residents waited two and a half hours before being allowed back into their suites.

Airdrie Fire Department provided free carbon monoxide detectors to all residents after last week’s evacuation.

The fire department is asking residents to make sure their venting systems and gas appliances are professionally checked to ensure no further issues.


-Cindy Letic





Wanted Calgary man found in Vietnam


Wanted Calgary man Nathan Paul Gervais has been found in Vietnam.

Gervais was wanted for the murder of Eighteen year old Lucas Strasser-Hird.

The attack occurred in the alley of a Calgary bar back in November of 2013.

After not appearing for court back in April of 2016, a Canada wide warrant was issued for his arrest.

Police have not said where in Canada Gervais has been sent, but confirm he will be transported back to Calgary next week.

-Tanner Strauss



Central Alberta MLA MacIntyre Resigns

A member of the Alberta legislature has abruptly given up his seat.

Don MacIntyre of Innisfail-Sylvan Lake is a lifelong politician and although his resignation is unexpected, it is nonetheless rather “vanilla” amongst resignations today among the scandal-ridden political landscape.

The resignation has been confirmed by the office of the speaker.

It is unclear whether MacIntyre will be resigning from his MLA position and his caucus or just his MLA position  as he has yet to release a statement.

Although originally a Wildrose member, MacIntyre becamea United Conservative when the Wildrose part merged with the Alberta PC’s.

Following the news, Premier Rachel Notley has six months to call for a byelection to find an official replacement.

In addition to politics, MacIntyre has extensive experience in the energy sector.

By Logan Sowers