Phone scam costs Calgary woman over $10K


A Calgary woman named Linda Levovnik fell victim to a sinister phone scam that cost her over 10,000 dollars.

Levovnik received a supposed phone call from Canada Revenue agency demanding that she make a payment or be faced with possible jail time. The payment they demanded was to be transferred into bitcoin.

After following specific instructions, Levovnik transferred what amounted to 10,500 dollars to the supposed agency, and when they demanded more, she started to get suspicious.

“they wanted me to pay another 14,000 dollars and provide three witnesses to verify that I wouldn’t be cheating the government anymore”

After hanging up and checking the CRA website, she found multiple warnings about criminals posing as agency representatives, and she immediately knew she had been scammed.

Cryptocurrency crimes have been skyrocketing due to the untraceable nature of the currency.



Carlos Taug