Did someone say playoffs?!

NHL logo

Tonight begins the quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup, 16 teams searching for 16 wins and a chance to carve their name in history.  Our hockey begins with possibly the most heated rivalry the sport has, i’m talking about the battle of Pennsylvania. The Flyers and Penguins have had some of the most entertaining series hockey’s ever seen, and i’m confident it will continue this evening.

Then we head north, to the Cancun of Canada, the closest thing this country has to New York City, the definition of paradise… Were going to Winnipeg baby!! Tonight there is no place on earth i wish i could be than Winnipeg, watching the Jets go head to head with the Minnesota wild. That place is going to be insane.

Finally we conclude tonight’s journey in Vegas. The Golden knights have the whole sports world in shock, setting records left and right and playing with way too much swagger for a team in it’s first season. Tonight the Los Angeles Kings look to spoil their historic season.

Buckle up folks this post season is going to be a ride.

Jake Foster