City council has mixed feelings about Calgary’s pursuit of a 2026 Winter Olympic bid


A Calgary council committee agreed that a vote is needed on whether or not to proceed with investments towards an Olympic bid.

Several councillors  brought up concerns on Tuesday about mistakes and lack of clarity from the city’s Olympic project team.

“How can you make a decision?”

Some councillors, including George Chahal, were concerned with the city’s decision  to fill a subcommittee tasked with public outreach with  people that stand to benefit from the Olympics coming to Calgary.

“I think we should be concerned with the level of transparency because if the public doesn’t know and have the information which I was advocating for, how can you make a decision?” Chahal says.

Not all councillors are convinced the subcommittee is a bad idea. Councillor Sean Chu says Calgarians are asking similar questions.

“A lot of public ask the same question is that many of you on the subcommittee are ‘cheerleader'” Chu says.

It is clear the pursuit of an Olympic bid has left city councillors in conflict over the issue. If the bid process proceeds, more disagreement is sure to arise.

-Mandy  Vocke