Councillors calling on City Council to include Calgarians in all aspects of 2026 Olympic Bid exploration


The City Council agreed that a public vote is necessary to decide whether it is in the best interest of Calgarians, to move forward with any further investment into the bid process for a 2026 Calgary Winter Olympics.

“If the public doesn’t know and doesn’t have the information…’how can you make a decision’?”

Several Councillors expressed concern with how the City has dealt with transparency and errors resulting from the Council’s interest in hosting the Winter Games.

Ward 5 City Councillor, George Chahal believes the public has a right to know what they are signing up for, instead of allowing the city to move forward in the process, without consulting Calgarian’s first.

“Well I think we should be concerned with the level of transparency because if the public doesn’t know and doesn’t have the information, which I was advocating for, how can you make a decision?”

Ward 4 Councillor, Sean Chu agrees that the City needs to include Calgarian’s in their decision making.

Chahal is also concerned with how the city has set up a sub committee tasked with public outreach on the Olympics that currently only include members with a vested interest in hosting the games.

He believes that including members of the public will result in a fair approach which will give the city a non-biased review of the public’s interest.

Chu agrees with Chahal’s concerns and said that many of his community members are also concerned with a subcommittee that only consists of “cheerleaders” for the Olympics.

If Calgary decides to move forward with a potential bid, the city could see an additional multi-billion dollars spent towards upgrading winter sports facilities built for the Calgary 88′ Winter Olympics, as well as building new ones.



-Cindy Letic