Hopes of hosting the 2026 Olympics are rapidly dwindling

pexels-photo-720456.jpegA city council committee has agreed to vote on whether or not to pursue the 2026 Olympics and a lack of progress in the bid process has left many Calgarians with a host of questions.

” I think we should be concerned about the level of transparency” George Chahal, ward 5 councillor

The city’s Olympic project team is under scrutiny after many missteps and failing to provide information to the public.

A subcommittee compromised of members of the public that will benefit from the Olympics is also raising concern among councillors.

Even if the bid goes through, hosting the Olympics will be no walk in the park due to the  price tag associated with it. The city will have to renovate older sports facilities and build new ones, costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

  • Husham Tahir