Jake week 1 -770

This first week has been really exciting for me. The first day was basically meet everyone and learn the ins and outs of the building, i didn’t do anything industry related the first day other than play around with Burli a little bit (which is way way better than newsroom just for the record).


The Tuesday and Wednesday i was shadowing Andrea Montgomery who is the producer for the morning show with Gord Gillies and Sue Deyell (who are both beauties by the way). I had an absolute blast doing this, i would show up at 6 and sit in the production booth from 6-9. At this time there is not really much to do because the show that day had already been produced so the time in the booth i just saw how it all came together and spent some time browsing for story ideas for the next days. After the show concludes we would have a meeting to pitch story ideas for the next show. Following this Andrea would be hunting down interviews for tomorrows show, she would give me 2 names and then i would have to get a hold of them and set up an interview, and i am glad to say that during my time with Andrea i went 4/4 on setting up interviews 🙂


Thursday and Friday i am shadowing Tony King who is the morning news anchor, delivering a 5 minute cast every half an hour. I got to sit in the booth with him while he delivered his casts. He showed me the ins and outs of Burli even more and how to import and edit audio from Global TV to use as voicers. Unfortunately for these days none of the reporters were heading out to cover stories or else i would have gotten to go with them. Tony then asked me to write and voice a script for him to critique, and then took a solid 25 minutes out of his day to sit and listen to it while reading my cast and give me some advice. On the Friday it was pretty much the same, shadowing his news casts and helping out where i can. I also got the opportunity to help Aurelio edit some of the interview clips from the flames game.

Tony has been delivering the news for over 40 years so the guy was legit at what he does, i was insanely impressed with how calm he stayed. He never panicked. There was one time it was like 7:57 and he had a news cast at 8 and only had like 3 minutes in his cast. He told me “theres no point in getting stressed out because if you’re delivering the news while stressed or panicking theres a good chance that cast is going to suck.” He then pulled 3 more stories, got in the booth at 7:59.45 and delivered a perfect cast. It was hype.


I was so nervous about starting my practicum but everyone here has been so nice and helpful to me its insane. I felt right at home by the end of day 2.