Practicum week 1 – Reya

The first week of my practicum was basically a lot of learning the ropes. I co-hosted the morning show with a guy named Shawn Crites. Learning the new computer system was a challenge but I picked it up quickly. It is only us two in the building and there is nobody else who does the mid-day or evenings, it was kind of a shock seeing what its really like in a small industry.

Hinton has two stations, 104.9 which is Boom, that’s the channel that we are live on, but there is also 97.5, that’s the country station. When we have a minute to spare we go over to the other booth and basically do the same thing or just quickly do voice tracks of news/song intros. I started off just doing Weather and Traffic in the mornings at the top of every hour then the three main segments we have throughout the hours.

It has been fun!! I definitely feel like a celebrity here, haha. (I got asked for an autograph already) The public engagement has increased a lot so that’s a confidence booster. I think my biggest struggle is probably waking up at 3:50 in the morning to get there by 4:45am.

Here’s my routine;


4:30: Leave my house

4:45: Get to the Station. Open everything up, I time out the hour, get all the computers going, and basically search the world wide web of news stories to write four, then about 3 sports stories, then weather and traffic.

Every 15 minutes or so, I do a community event going around and or a weather update.

Every 30, Shawn and I will do our engagement of the hour.

Then at the end of the day I have to send out a bunch of emails about the day to head office. This Saturday I am doing colour commentary for the Junior A hockey game we have here in town. – Wish me luck


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