Practicum week 3 – Reya

This was probably the most hectic week. On Tuesday, Shawn and I were asked to drive to Edson to meet our boss (we thought we were going for lunch) Once we got to the station in Edson I knew something was up, Shawn got pulled into one room and I got put into another. I had no idea what was going on, I later found out that Stingray, the company that owns our station has done a significant purge across Alberta, resulting in a change where only one host can be in each Station. Letting go of one of the guys in Edson and the other being off recovering from surgery, they told Shawn that he had to drive to Edson every morning to do the morning show there and that I was now going to be alone running the morning show. I was pretty afraid, I had never been alone yet in the station and definitely still had tons of questions about things.

This showed me how the radio industry really works and how they try to keep things as minimal as possible, I learnt all about the debt Stingray is in and it honestly scared me because jobs are going to be so hard to get out of industry, especially if you want to start in radio.

So Wednesday morning, I started alone as the morning host. I dont think I took a breath my entire first newscast but after that i was fine. I’ve been alone ever since now and I am pretty used to it, I kind of like it, getting to talk about my own things etc.

Oh! and the reason I am staying an extra week is because the guy in Edson wont be recovered till then and that’s when Shawn can come back here. Kind of a mess. There is also now a automatic “Network Show” based out of Toronto that plays 6-9a.m. So I feel like Im sitting around doing nothing until 9 which kind of sucks. Then Im out of the station by whatever time I want, its up to me basically whether I want to be live or record things.

Definitely didn’t think I would be running an entire station on my practicum!


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