Capstone 2019: Where’s Ryan Shtuka?

Hello, welcome back to our capstone blog. If this is your first time here, we are three students doing a project on Ryan Shtuka’s disappearance. We have decided to split our project into three parts and one of them is this blog which we will be trying to post on weekly for the next couple months to spread awareness and hopefully aid in getting one step closer to finding Ryan. 

In our first post, we spoke about Ryan’s case and his initial disappearance. This week we are going to speak a little bit about the different theories of what may have happened to him. We are in no way trying to make assumptions or speculate on what may have happened, but simply state the possibilities in hopes that someone may read this and spark some sort of information to help with Ryan’s case. 

We are going to try and do this in chronological order from the day of Ryan’s disappearance to the days and months after he was missing.  

The night of Ryan’s disappearance he attended a party at a house in Sun Peaks with his roommates and other coworkers from the mountain. It was stated by his roommates that when they were leaving the party, they saw Ryan put on his coat and shoes but when they were on their way back home, they turned around and Ryan wasn’t following them. The roommates stated they simply figured he decided to stay behind at the party, and it didn’t sound any alarms for them. According to Kamloops RCMP their statements are all basically identical and their stories have remained the same up until now.  

It was stated by roommates and friends of the party that drugs were circulating that night and Heather knew Ryan would partake in smoking cannabis but was not aware of any other drugs he had or could have taken that night. No one from the party has come forward saying they saw Ryan take anything, but if that is a possibility, something may have happened with the other people involved and they manage to somehow cover up the incident to this day. 

If Ryan had decided to stay behind, he may have left later in the night, but due to the cold temperatures, that night and over the next two days RCMP said there was no way he could have survived out for a long period of time in those conditions. 

The search went on over the next 24 hours, they searched the mountain and surrounding areas but there was still no sign of him. 

 Another theory surrounding his disappearance is an animal attack. There are many animals native to Sun Peaks, including black bears, cougars and wolves which are all known to be vicious at times. Unfortunately, no solid signs point to this theory as no clothing left behind or trace of footprints were discovered. 

Now as we mentioned in our last blog, a CBC reporter named Shelley Joyce posted an article and a podcast about Ryans disappearance, the podcast included a short clip from a man named Jim Reid. Reid was allegedly living or staying on Fairways Drive in Sunpeaks. The house party Ryan was at was on Burfield drive and Ryan was living on Sunpeaks road. According to the RCMP, Reid’s location was about a 20-minute walk in the opposite direction that Ryan would have been going to get home. However, in Joyce’s podcast, Reid stated that the night Ryan disappeared he heard a man who seemed to be angry outside his home yelling “Get in the car!” but there was no way that Ryan would have been walking in that area the night he disappeared. Although the description matched Ryan, The RCMP were not able to confirm the sighting.

 After contacting Heather and seeing a flood of other comments on our first blog saying no one had ever heard from a Jim Reid, we decided to try and speak with him ourselves. We got in touch with every Jim Reid in Sun Peaks and the surrounding area and eventually found him. He denied to further comment on what he heard that night.  

If what Reid heard was, in fact, a man yelling at Ryan, the theory is that whoever was yelling could have taken Ryan to who knows where. Unfortunately, there is no proof that this could have happened as no one has come forward and not even Reid saw the persons face. 

These are all the speculations from the night of Ryan’s disappearance, of course, we have heard some crazier theories such as an alien abduction or human trafficking, but for the purpose of keeping the blog as credible as possible, we decided not to include theories of that nature. 

Our plan for this week is to hopefully get in contact with the Kamloops RCMP and conduct an interview which we hope to attach to the next blog post so we can get a better sense of Ryan’s case and the work the RCMP has conducted up until now.  

We also want to say thank you so much for all the support on our last post and we hope to continue to shed light on Ryan and his case. 

-Andrea Ferrari, Storrm Lennie, Reya Lehoux.


One thought on “Capstone 2019: Where’s Ryan Shtuka?

  1. Great work ladies. What if Reid heard this? “Get him in the car?” Of the people remaining behind .. who had vehicles there? I trust my comments are in confidence? That would be my first inquiry after hearing about what was shouted out. Also ..What about his vehicle? I asked if the car had been finger printed.Heather told me it molded over sitting in a garage and had to be detailed!.. Also I hardly doubt the kids are keeping secrets. Most kids.. will do the right thing. She told me to ask his friend James Maxwell working a Revelstoke resort this past December…. about what happened. WTF?. Ask about the heavy equipment that was used. that comment was also removed. With their private investigators and private psychics, publicly funded searches.. why would she tell me to ask James? I wish you girls the all the best. I doubt the RCMP have much to share as Heather’s comments implied they are of no help. I wish you girls the best of luck.. thank you and best regards.. Joey Cossette


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