Reya Practicum week 4

The fourth week on my practicum went just like the previous few, I have been doing the same thing basically everyday. But with the new program change and having a new company buy out New Cap, there are a lot of system and programming changes, which has made things quite complicated to learn on my own through emails and phone calls.

Overall it wasnt much of what I expected, small town radio is very very basic and kind of numbing. Having studios so empty all day kind of drains the atmosphere, but I do like that I was completely thrown into the fire rather than be a shadow for 4 weeks.

This experience has definitely opened my eyes to what kind of industry this is, especially the smaller industry radio. I mean, we were always told in school, but to experience it first hand was interesting. Being it in my home town, a lot of people have asked me if this is what I want to do, and honestly, not really. I don’t feel like that this is what I want as a career, it doesnt really feel like one. It feels more like an activity to do on my spare time. Im sure that bigger market radio stations would be a completely different situation given the more opportunities with stories and public engagement etc.

Overall, I am glad that this is what I chose to do as my practicum because I got a feel at what a first job at the lower level would be like rather than doing a practicum that you wouldn’t find a job doing said job in at least 5 years.

I am excited to be back and feel productive again.


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