Week 1 with City TV News

Well the first week has been pretty great so far, the first day I was Helping Darren one of the old ENG guys who does a lot of the shooting and B-roll for the reporters as the station isn’t very large and everyone kind of helps each other out. So we went out and shot footage of people being cold, in the cold, for a story about how cold it was…. if I had to sum it up in one word? Cold. Either way got to learn some tips about shooting and funny stories about what other practicum students have done (and what not to do). Then learned how to import and export the videos, helped write a script rough copy. Helped get font and clip times for VO/SOT’s. It was a good day, but not as great as the next.

I was tasked with finding out what people around Calgary where doing during the horrid weather but then Brittany Rosen and I came up with the idea of skip the dishes and Foodora probably having increased business and Whitney the news director put us on the story. So I helped interview and shoot at the Donair Knight and The Big Cheese Poutinerie and got free food! also a really funny stand up of a surprised skip the dished driver. Also did some help with finding B-roll and photos of the victims of the Field CP train crash. Went out with John and Darren to shoot his promo and stand up about it, John went out to Field, B.C. and got footage of the crash site the day before via Dejero but it took forever coming back and then the audio was all messed up, so they used media shuttle and that took forever. They still managed to get it into the 6:30 show but it finally came through at like 6:27 or something. I also went with Darren to Meet and interview Steve Mesler, a gold medal Olympian for bobsleigh, super nice guy. Really disappointed about closing the tracks though.

I tagged along on the story about the stolen blower and rink equipment from the Falconridge/Castleridge community center. Then the next day I was helping Kristen Fong with a story on the winter cycling community, so I helped her set up the go-pro to her biking helmet and phone and shot footage of her cycling around, B-roll, Stand up and promo. She almost fell off the bike when she first hopped on, it was one of those pedal assisted lime bikes and the seat was too high(shes also quite short) and she careened into a cement pillar. I was torn between getting it on tape or helping her, I ended up doing neither… šŸ˜ she was fine so its all good. So at the end of Thursday I was bugging Whitney about the blind skateboarder story I really wanted to cover and She let me go with Kristen to get and it was amazing, so much B-roll, really good humane element, got to meet some cool people and really optimistic visually impaired kids learning to skateboard for the first time. It was amazing. Great first week.

-Kyle Hutton


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