My First Week at CJOC

So my first week at CJOC was a slow burn to start, but I did learn a lot.

My first week at CJOC in Lethbridge started out with just getting used to how they run Newsroom at the station, which is a slightly different way than at SAIT. I got used to the wires and casts and then followed Brian to a story about electric car charging stations. I got audio from the conference and wrote my own pack on day one.

Day two, I went to court shadowing another reporter and sat in on a hearing regarding how to classify a sex offender (lovely stuff) and sentencing for a certain case. I then came back and recorded my first casts.

Day three was a tough one, I sat in court from 10am until 4 on a statutory rape case and heard witness statements. It was my first real heavy day reporting in my life, but I got the scripts written.

Thursday was more court, but only listening to the progress of other cases. All of them ended in adjournment or fines so not too exciting there. Later in the day I did get to go a conference on a new monument in Lethbridge and filed another pack for air, it was my best story yet.

And lastly on Friday, you guessed it folks, more court. I was there for 40 minutes then wrote two scripts before going home. Great first week overall and having only a 4 person news team helps a lot.

-Christian Oldale


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