CTV Calgary week 4: That’s all she wrote…


This week, like the other three…JUST. FLEW. BY.

Monday- I attended a Notley presser with a shooter. Asked a couple of questions. Good times! I don’t mind interviewing politicians. I figured out what works best for me, and I’ll fill y’all in when I get back, in case you’re interested.

Tuesday- I pitched a story about education, and was given the green light to chase it. Both of my contacts (necessary for the story to stick) were on sabbatical. 😦 But the assignment editor thought the story was cool. So it’s something I will follow-up on, when both of them return.

Wednesday-Went out with Alesia and Todd, to chase a Gas story. Got back and wrote my version of the story as a pack (for my demo). Attended the live with Alesia so that I could film my standup. It is now with the video editing weekend editing team, as is some of my other work, so I should have it in a couple of weeks, for my demo.

Thursday-chased a tip about a family in need of help, and I was tasked to conduct a (feeler) informal interview, to see if it was indeed, a story. It sure is. 😦 Since it’s ongoing, I won’t be able to add any details here, but heart-breaking and I hope we can get to the bottom of this. It was very difficult to know that I wouldn’t be able to continue to chase the story.

I am thankful that I got a chance to meet them, and hear their story. Letting go is tough.

Friday-Wrap up. Most of the morning we were chasing the “bomb/suspicious package” story…During that time, I kept myself busy working on scripts, and voicing. A little bit of chase producing, too.

Spent some time saying good bye to everyone. 😦

Made a point of having a quick meeting with Jeff Little to get some feedback/advice about my practicum and future aspirations.

All in all, no regrets…except that I wish my practicum/internship was longer. Seriously. Especially since I got so attached to the environment.

I am seriously going to miss a good chunk of people there.

So much to say, but I’m wordy as it is, 🙂 so I’ll leave it at that.






Final Week in Red Deer

I’m done my practicum! I can’t even really believe it. It feels like I just started. This has been an absolutely incredible experience. I’ve learnt so much and I am pretty sure going back to school after this is going to seriously suck.

This week was not super busy, I went to a few election events. Which is always interesting, since I’ve started going to these I’ve really noticed how awful politicians are?? I have never noticed how much trash talking and bad mouthing happens until this election was called. I talked to one of my colleagues about it, he said that it has never been this bad. It’s really shocking to me how every party, not just one for the other,  has spent the majority of the time talking poorly about their opposition. At least at the campaign events that I’ve been to. To me that seems so pointless, to waste the 30 minutes you have to boost yourself up and what you would do for the province on pointing out each other’s failures, I don’t understand but it’s been really eye-opening, it kind of makes it a bit harder to report on because whenever you get to talk to any of these politicians in a scrum or an interview all they want to do is point out the bad things about other parties and as a journalist your job isn’t really to provide a platform for them to do that so I guess feeding through all of the nonsense can be a bit difficult, or so I’ve found at least.

I personally got to conduct interviews with 2 political candidates this week, I was very nervous. Thankfully I’m well educated in Alberta politics to understand what’s going on enough to ask the right questions. Its been really interesting to be so involved in this election, I’ve never been able to vote in a provincial election before so getting to report on it and learn about it all straight from the sources has been really valuable. I’m a bit of a politics freak so I’m kind of loving every second of it. There is a lot of challenge, at one point this week an Alberta party candidate called one of the reporters here and gave him heck about misinterpreting something he said and posting it on our site. The reporter was really flustered but for me, it was valuable to see that even misunderstanding one thing or interpreting something the wrong way can really have a lot of backlash on your reputation so it’s best to always clarify.

At the end of my four weeks here at RDNewsNow I’ve been asked a lot about what I learnt. I’ve learnt so much about conducting interviews, how to ask questions to localize stories, how to be efficient, and the biggest one is just to do it. What I mean by that is don’t just wait around for an email, just call, or even just go there. If there are reports of police presence somewhere don’t wait for the news release just go and be the first one there and be the first to get that story out. I have also learnt to rely on what the community is saying, many times we’ve gotten leads on stories that were unique to our station because someone from the public led us in the right direction. Working in a real newsroom has been so beneficial in more ways than I ever expected, all of the team here at RDNewsNow has made me feel so welcome and have been so helpful and patient with me. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I’m excited to see where my career will go from here.

-Storrm Lennie

Raptors narrowly squeak by Bulls to push for the playoffs

Raptors logo

The Toronto Raptors barely edge out the Chicago Bulls to win at home 112-103.

Bench player guard Norman Powell dominated in the game putting up 20 points to go along with four out of five makes from behind the arc.

The Raptors had six different players scoring in double-figures with Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry each added 14 points for the starting unit.

Serge Ibaka had an efficient night scoring 16 points and shot 7-of-13 from the field and to go along with eight rebounds.

“…it seems like he’s been finding some rolls and getting deep to the basket offensively lately and I like that, too.”

Head Coach Nick Nurse says “I think he’s a guy that needs to feel the ball a little bit to do some other things. We’ve got to get some sets for him, some pocket passes for him. But … it seems like he’s been finding some rolls and getting deep to the basket offensively lately and I like that, too.”

Raptors play in two days against the New York Knicks when the Raptors look to push in the final stretch of the regular season.

-Connor Gunn

Hitmen come out swinging in first win of the series

Hitmen logo

The Calgary Hitmen won 5-3 the first time this series in the opening round of the Western Hockey League playoffs against the Lethbridge Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes fell behind after the Hitmen’s Ryder Korczak and Carson Focht scored in the first five minutes of the first period. Calgary scored again in the second one.

We need to be better.

Lethbridge later retaliated in the third period, but Calgary scored two more points.

A lot was at stake for the Hitmen, after they lost their two first matches of the best-of-seven series.

Despite the victory, Hurricane head coach Brent Kisio remains cautious. After the game, he said: “We’ll review the tape. We need to be better. We’ve got to play harder and just keep things a little bit simpler.”

Lethbridge is currently leading the playoffs 2-1. The next match will be on Thursday in Calgary.

-Cimon Charest


Calgary Hitmen even up playoff series

Hitmen logo

The Calgary Hitmen have tied up the first round of the playoffs against the Lethbridge Hurricanes. After losing the first two games in Lethbridge, the Hitmen came back home to take both games.

Lethbridge took a close game one by the score of 3-2 in overtime before winning game two by a convincing 4-1. Calgary stormed back in games three and four winning 5-3, and 5-2.

The two teams did not match up well in the regular season as the Hurricanes beat the Hitmen every time expect for one, and that one time Calgary won was in overtime.

Game 5 is tomorrow in Lethbridge, and game six will be back at the Saddledome. If a game seven is necessary it will take place in Lethbridge on April 2.


-Zachary Stewart

Week 4 – Global Calgary

Well it’s hard to believe this is my last day of practicum, I honestly cannot believe how fast it went by.

I loved every second of it, I learnt lots and met so many incredible people I won’t forget and hopefully one day will even work alongside of.

This week I was working with the morning show which I love and got to do a variety of tasks but the most exciting was writing scripts for the morning show.

I also got lots of great advice on my writing and was really proud that I was able to produce content that was up to their standards and could be on air.

All week I was posting daily stories on their Instagram which all turned out really well and were so fun to make.

My favorite part of the morning show is all the fun guest they have on my personal favorite this week was definitely the puppies.

I also wrote a couple web stories which I realize I have really have come to enjoy and retrieving the information myself and getting to conduct the interviews myself was even more rewarding.

All and all I’m so sad to leave everyone and go back to school but now that practicum is done I can honestly say I feel even more prepared to go into a job in this industry.

-Andrea Ferrari

Week III – Global Lethbridge

My third week at Global continued to show me I have so much to learn and experience.  This whole month, every time I’ve gone out reporting something simple I needed to do would fall out of me head, always a different something (more like multiple) and I always realize when I get back to the station or while editing my pack together, etc. I’m definitely putting a lot of pressure on myself and it’s making me so nervous.

But week three taught me that it’s really okay to not know everything, because everyone is still learning and forgetting things themselves.

I went to interview Minister Shannon Phillips for someone in Edmonton. So my only job was to set up the equipment, call the reporter and put them on speakerphone to ask the questions. Then obviously head back to the station and send it over to them.

Long story short, there was a small panic involving the mic situation but I was able to sort it out with some help from a coworker… when I came back to the station they told me they forgot to bring there camera once to film her lol! And another coworker said they forgot a memory card so they both had to film on their phones haha! So it was nice to hear that I’m not the only one that struggles from human nature sometimes.

I needed to take two days off this week but I tried to take advantage of the time when I was there. One day I was with another VJ at a Notley announcement… this was also the first time I saw Mason out and about! When we got back to the station there was a few things going down so we split up and I went to another Notley event for Maria Fitzpatrick. I turned that into a VO SOT for Liam for the show. I also went down to the hospital and shot an interview for someone in Calgary, also over speakerphone, talking about vaccinations.

And the third day I was also around town getting two interviews and B-roll for two VO SOTs.

  • Louise van Dam