CKPG Week 2


PRINCE GEORGE— It has been another great week in Prince George. Today I found the creepiest Easter Bunny in the universe. I’ve been budgeting on a spreadsheet so I knew this $15 photo was something I could afford.

Let’s rewind to Monday. Last week was hectic figuring everything out, but I’m feeling a lot more settled now. I feel like I’ve been improving this week which is nice to see. Hooray for learning and hooray for improvement! On Monday I primarily wrote web stories (which makes sense since I’m an online journalist). There were a couple of neat stories I got to write. There was one I wrote about a cat who survived living in a storage container without food for 3 weeks. That got a lot of hits. The only stories that got more hits than the kitty survivor is the breaking news or crime stories.

Tuesday was also mostly web writing. I also did a couple of radio casts. By now, I was in my groove and was able to put up a lot of content. I believe I wrote about 7 stories this day so I was decently busy.

Wednesday was A LOT more busy. In the morning we got a release from the local college, The College of New Caledonia (CNC), about their student awards night. They had a scholarship donor speak at the awards. Him and his family had raised almost $200,000 in scholarship money in memory of their son who died in a motorcycle crash ten years ago. We decided this would be a great pack and I asked if I could take the lead on it. Kendall helped me set up interviews over the next two days so I was super excited to get to do another pack! I was very busy with the web this day because there was BREAKING NEWS!!! There was a police stand-off which was pretty crazy. Unfortunately the bad guys weren’t caught, but it was a lot of fun being rushed to post things and waiting to hear from the RCMP for updates.

On Thursday I went out with one of the more experienced reporters and went to the Lheidli T’enneh (Clayt-lay ten-eh) reserve. A new chief was elected which was a huge deal. The previous chief had been chief since 2005. I wrote a few web stories before I went out to interview a Communications rep at CNC for an interview for my pack. When I got back I wrote more web stories.

Friday was a really great day. I wrote some web stories and wrote an LVO-SOT for the 12:00 show from the interview I did on Thursday. I also did two radio casts. In the afternoon the man who had donated to CNC in memory of his son came to the station so I could interview him. It was a really touching story. It is one of my favorite packs I’ve done. I don’t have a link to it yet, but when I do I’ll email it to you, Lisa (if you want to see it). I had a lot going on this day, but I never felt overwhelmed. It was proof I’m settling and adjusting well at CKPG.

I’m staying busy outside of work too. I ran a race today and it turns out I’m not in as bad of shape as I thought! I guess having cute boys as a motivation to go to the gym has been paying off. I could go on about boys, but it’s probably best I don’t.

I’m excited for another fun week of being challenged! I have a feeling it will be another busy week.


Mandy Vocke




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