Its all over and this was great! I loved how much I was challenged last week to respond this week and make my final project be a good one. I really felt my relationship with Adam,Cory and Robb really improved during my time here and I was able to have success with these guys!

Adam throughout my time mentioned how we were many hats here and I defiantly wore a few hats (DJ,Spotlight Operator etc) On Monday at 12:06 I was told my feature ( supposed to be Wednesday) was happening at 12:45 and we had to literally set the scene up change it on the fly and get everything ready in lightning time… I was not ready for that and felt pretty blindsided by the communications manager lady. I was really fortunate to have Adam and Cory with me who were huge in doing our best for this with no notice. I didn’t have any time to be upset or mad and we just went for it! The motto that ive had throughout the entire two years has been a little cliche but “no matter what find a way” that was valuable in this instance.

Adam after the sit down was over told me how talented I was at interviewing people and that was a compliment that meant a lot to me under the rushed circumstances. This feature took over two weeks to plan and execute but in the end I think you (Lisa) will be happy with how I did this and the details I put into it.

I really improved my stand ups over this month and feel coming back to school some of my live stuff will be really solid. Cory really worked with me on these and was always offering me advice helping me clean things up little tips and everything in between. I learned that I actually do them best when I dont bring a notepad or piece of paper with info into the area so im not tempted to look at it.

Takeaways: This is not a radio practicum whatsoever, for Future RTBN’s this is only TV or BN no question about it. You will be handed a lot of stuff right away and need to be ready to go off the hop. This team is very open and happy to help but you have to be so on Q.. I was taking back by that at the start. Be open-minded I did a few tasks that were ones I didnt expect to do.

I would recommend this practicum! Without further due this is my final feature with a Top 3 prospect for next years NHL Draft… Seeyou all soon! https://tigershockey.com/video/sit-down-with-cole-sillinger

  • Ryder Mckay

Banff gondola proposal rejected by Parks Canada

Parks Canada has rejected a proposal to develop a gondola that travels to the top of Mount Norquay ski resort from the town of Banff.

The proposal came from Liricon Capital, owner of the resort in an effort to redevelop in town and on the resort.

Parks Canada says that the decision around the gondola will not be reconsidered or any other redevelopments because they do not align with development policies in Banff National Park.

It’s also said by PC that the development would impact the use of the ski access road.

Still up in the air was another proposal from Liricon to develop land to build a passenger train from Calgary to Banff.

PC says the proposal of the train will go through a separate review process.

Ty Rothermal

The Black Boxes on the Iran Plane Crash

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is calling for Iran to show respect for the families wishes of those who died on board the Ukrainian passenger Jet that was shot down on January 7th 2020. On the other hand, Canada is working closely with its allies and urging Iran to release the black boxes from the passenger jet. The black boxes contain crucial flight data and if Iran released them, the boxes would be sent to another country for the information to be downloaded. Justin Trudeau has recommended that Iran should send the black boxes to France where the flight data would then be downloaded.

By Aela Herbert

Calgary Going Cold Turkey With Safe Consumption Sites

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney stated in a press conference on January 21 that Calgary could do without or move some safe drug consumption sites.

The UCP created a panel in the summer to look into the effects these safe injection sites have on the surrounding community both in safety and in a socio-economical way.

“It underscores the concerns we have had about the negative impact we’ve had on people and on communities as a result of some of the drug injection sites, I think we see pretty much everywhere a marked increase in crime in the area of the sites, and social disorder and negative human costs and consequences in many ways.”

Jason Kenny, Alberta Premier

NDP legislature member Shannon Phillips comments that the site in her area is critical and more people will die and the crime rate will go up if the area is shut down.

Alberta currently has several consumption sites between Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge. There is also a proposal for more sites in Red Deer, Medicine Hat and one more in Calgary.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi commented saying that closing or moving the city’s supervised consumption site won’t solve the issue of social disorder in the areas.

Zachary Ferguson-Frick

RCMP Found Not Guilty After Rollover Kills Teenager

In August of 2018 a roll over of a vehicle killed a teenager passenger. An investigation took place to see if Calgary Police were responsible for the roll over. The investigation finished with the RCMP found not guilty.

“Police officers are lawfully entitled to pursue fleeing suspects. That said, criminal flight from police creates an inherently dangerous situation for police, the occupants of the fleeing vehicle, and the general public.”

Alberta Serious Incident Response Team

Officers in Sherwood Park, Alberta were in the process of trying to pull over a GMC Yukon that was believed to be have stolen.

The driver of the SUV sped away and over a grass boulevard and through trees with the RCMP in pursuit of the vehicle.

“The decision to pursue a feeing vehicle must be made carefully, and with constant assessment and reassessment of the danger involved. Such considerations were taken into account in this case.”

Alberta Serious Incident Response Team

ASIRT said its investigation confirms that the Police Officers ended the chase and pulled over to the side of the road before the suspects vehicle rolled at a freeway off ramp killing the teen passenger.

By: Declan Zaharia

Deadly coronavirus confirmed in Canada


The first Canadian case of the coronavirus was confirmed in Toronto on Jan. 26th. The patient is a Torontonian man in his mid-50s, who has recently returned from Wuhan, China.

“This makes it the first case in Canada…”

Minister of Health Patty Hajdu

The man had been exhibiting flu-like symptoms on the plane, coming from China, but neglected to tell airport officials, and was let past border-control, into Canada.

Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu made a statement, on Jan 26th, about the allegations of coronavirus in Canada, as the virus’s death toll rises in China.

You can see the Minister’s full statement here.

Airport screening procedures put in place as coronavirus spreads

In China, the coronavirus has killed six people and nearly 300 have been infected. The amount of people who are being infected is rising by the day causing other countries to become cautious.

In an effort to prevent further spread of the virus, Canada, Japan, Russia and many other countries began airport screening for passengers, who may have been travelling from Wuhan, China.

“this is not yet a global emergency”

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – head of World Health Organization

Ghebreyesus ensures people that the outbreak is not yet a global threat but warns them to stay aware.

with files from – The Canadian Press

By Amy-Ellen Prentice

770 CHQR Week 3 Darin

This week was a fun one for me. I spent Monday to Wednesday with Dave Rowe in the morning sports run. What made those three mornings special for me was that Dave listened to some of my Trojans broadcasts that I’ve done, and gave me feedback on those games. There’s a potential job opportunity with the Brooks Bandits that I’m looking into, and Dave’s feedback gave a lot of insight on what I need to work on to get into that field. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot going on in sports this week, as both the NHL and NFL were on their all-star breaks.

The next two days were spent back on the talk side. I got to get some guests lined up for Calgary Today with Joe McFarland, and some stories that I pitched made it to air.

Friday night was very special to me. For the feature that I’m working on for Jock Wilson, I got to go down to the Calgary Roughnecks media availability and I got to interview Curtis Dickson. As someone who is interested in sports reporting, but even more so as a HUUUUUGE Roughnecks fan that was incredible. I was so nervous, but it was so much fun. I can’t wait to have the finished prodct on air this week.

-Darin Bain

Trudeau Moving Canadian Government Closer to North American Free Trade Agreement

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that the government will introduce a motion on Jan. 27 to formally approve the new North American Free Trade Agreement when parliament begins its new session.

“We are going to make sure we move forward in the right way and that means ratifying this new NAFTA as quickly as possible.”

– Justin Trudeau

Trudeau also spoke about the importance of the agreement saying Canadians need reliable and stable trade with their trading partners. The new NAFTA deal will have legislation in the upcoming days with hopes to have it ratified and put into affect.

President Donald Trump and the United States Senate approved its version of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement this past week.

Calvin Hector

New post-secondary funding model getting set to hit Alberta

As of April 1st there will be a new funding model for post-secondary schools across the province.

Close to 15% of public funds for the institutions will be directly related to the rate of enrollment, graduation and filling the needs of the job market.

By 2022 that number will reach approximately 40% The United States, Hong Kong and some European countries have adopted this method and it has be widely successful.

Advanced Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides says that the Alberta Government will be meeting with each of the 26 post-secondary schools to set up the certain measures that are going to be taken.

“The approach will not force schools to compete against each other for taxpayer dollars.”

– Advanced Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides

– Haley Carter