Week 1 Practicum (CHNL)

I am doing my practicum at CHNL or Radio NL in Kamloops, British Columbia. The first day was all the introductions to everyone working there and a tour around the building and office. During that I also got my own desk, which was pretty cool. Most of the week I have been shadowing everyone there and got to see what their job is like and preparations that they do for certain tasks. At Radio NL they use Burli (the equivalent to Newsroom 4.5) and I had to learn that whole program which was pretty foreign to me. I eventually got the hang of it and can say I’m pretty confident with my abilities on the program.

On the second day I did some more shadowing and got to know everyone but then I was asked to do a mock cast, where I just build a cast and record it and see how it sounds. Turns out my mock cast was pretty good that they asked me if I would like to record the 5:30 bottom hour cast that will then be put to air at that time. I said yes and I got to hear myself on the radio in the city of Kamloops…… on only my second day! (pretty exciting). On the Wednesday I had to be at work by 4am, yikes! but somehow, I was pretty awake when I got to the station, even without any caffeine in my system.

The rest of the week I shadowed more and did about 2 casts a day that made it on the air. The station even got an email from the Mayor of Ashcroft (a nearby town in BC) saying that she heard me on the radio and was excited to hear from me some more! There are also some music stations in the same office area that I got to sit in and watch what they did for the hour (Country 103.1 and K 97.5). Again, most of the week I wrote, built and recorded casts that went on air for the bottom hours.

Friday was a different day. I got in at 2pm and recorded a quick cast to go on at 3:30 and 5:30 that day, but the big event happening that day was a Kamloops Blazers game (the city’s WHL team). They were versing the Kelowna Rockets which is their biggest rival. I got to tour around the area and stuff and take a look into the broadcast booths, media areas and locker rooms. I sat in the media bench and had a pretty good view of the ice and just watched the whole game. I was then asked to go down to the scrum after the game and record some video for them to put onto the Blazers social media page, I thought that was pretty cool.

This week, a lot happened. I didn’t expect to be on air this week at all (caught me off guard) but I’m glad that get to so I can get a head start. So, my week at CHNL was pretty cool and I can’t wait for the next weeks to come.


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