Without a doubt the first week was an ease your way into it, get the feel etc… This week absolutely no chance. I have been leading some tasks and shooting,planning quite a bit. On Monday I spent the morning with the assistant coaching staff getting a feel for what they value and what type of people they are so I can in turn have better interviews with them. The GM /Head coach I have known for years and we had an excellent post game interview following the Saturday victory! Having that relationship has been such a crucial little thing in this industry knowing people and having those connections just seems so valuable to me.

I am suspecting things will only ramp up further as the days go on and I will continue to do my best in each and every activity. While I dont see myself as a DJ in the future I have been assigned the warmup playlist role for the team while im here so if anyone has any suggestions please forward them my way…

Today is our Skills competition and I filmed a game day preview for that. ( https://tigershockey.com/video-channels/tigerstv/aw-skills-competition-preview ) Alongside Cory and the media team here we are really going to hone in on stand ups and these types of things for the rest of my time. The media team here has shown a lot of trust in me to do these and I plan to impress them as much as I can as I think this is something that im going to be really good at one day. Something I was aware was the fact I do not smile enough and that is a task I am going to keep working on!

As week 2 winds down I wish we had more game days here during my time but i have been told when I have weekends off from coaching and scouting in Calgary, that I am welcome to come home any weekend and do some work for this team here which is GREAT!

I actually could see myself working here and it being a good fit. I came into SAIT wanting to be with a network but I am starting to feel like working for a specific team may be my best route and make me the most successful!

While these days are long and today it felt like -42 when I woke up, spending my days in a hockey rink is an okay life for me and something that is totally worth it.

Ryder Mckay

One thought on “WEEK 2: MH TIGERS

  1. It sounds like you are getting right into the swing of things.
    Be sure to put these posts in the right category so they show up here under the Practicum Blogs.
    Enjoy the rest of your time there.


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