CityNews – Week 2

WEEK 2 – This week wasn’t as exciting as last week. Which is to be expected when you don’t have breaking news apart from the cold.

Monday I honestly don’t even remember what happened at this point. I know I wrote articles a did more of the same from the week before. Tuesday started off with filming a video for Tiktok, for the first hour of my shift, not my idea. We were also roped into being into part of a pack. Then it was back to more of the same.

Justin Slimm, Practicum Supervisor, trying to see how long it will take for the noodles to freeze for Tiktok.

Wednesday I spent the majority of the day chasing a story. It was a couple hours of phoning people for comments and transcribing interviews while I waited for phone calls.

Thursday I was really under the weather. Friday was a fairly slow day as well. More writing, more social media stuff.

I also got to look at the page count/views tracker for the articles I’ve written. People in Edmonton really seem to read articles a lot more then other markets.

It was a good week overall, I’m definitely getting the hang of things. Can’t wait to see what next week brings.

– Cole

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