Week 2: Sportsnet 960 The Fan

Week 2: My second week at The Fan began on Tuesday, were I was doing updates, as well as the out of town scoreboard on air. It was a fairly relaxed night as the Flames and Hitmen were off, but there was still plenty of other sports games and sports news to talk about. On Wednesday I also did reports and the out of town scoreboard, but this time it was during a Hitmen road game in Swift Current. During the intermissions the Hitmen’s play by play voice, Brad Curle, would throw to me for a couple minutes and I would do my updates, then I would throw back to him for the start of the period. After the conclusion of the game, I operating the board for 2 hours and was off by 10pm.

On Thursday I headed up to Airdrie to see how a remote is done. I drove up with one of the promotions team members by the name of Aaron Howell. We set up the booth and microphone, and watched Will Nault do the prerecorded hits for the radio station. It was great to team up with Kidsport and Opa to help raise money for kids less fortunate. I enjoyed Thursday a lot. On Friday I shadowed Matt Rose and helped him prepare for the Hitmen pregame show. I watched his work ethic and how much time needs to be put into hosting a pregame, intermission, and post game show. It was very eye opening to see how much work goes into a game, and also exciting to witness the passion he had. I did the intermission and out of town scoreboard again, but this game went later so it took me right to the end of my 6-10pm shift.

On Saturday my job was to shadow the producer for the day from 11-6, and see how a Flames game on the road is done. Again, the work that was demonstrated by Pat for a Flames game day was remarkable. He doesn’t get a day off. Its amazing how much knowledge and dedication he has. I also got to do a few of the updates after the game, and worked the sound board for an hour as well. On Sunday, I didn’t need to go in, but I have been tasked by Kelly Kirch to create a twenty minute produced audio segment on an interview subject of my choice.

I chose to go in today to get ahead on my project, and interview a kid who used to dress up as Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff. Fans called him “The Kipper Kid.” Brendan Peters was a staple around the Saddledome for four seasons. Many fans often ask on social media “where is The Kipper Kid”? So I’ve decided to give fans what they want. All the guys in the studio, including Kelly are very excited about the interview, and it will air next Saturday afternoon. It has been another solid week at The Fan. I am enjoying it to the fullest.

-Jayden Wasney

Brenden Peters aka ” The Kipper kid” after our interview at the studio

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