CHBC: Week Four

My final week kicked off on a really good note. Tuesday I started with a self-generated packaged item. A recent survey was conducted and over 38,000 B.C. students completed it. Some of the Okanagan results really stood out to me regarding the mental health aspect. I decided this may make a strong story because apparently youth in the Okanagan weren’t reaching out for help. I interviewed the centre manager at the Foundry Kelowna. We talked about what the Foundry was and how important it is to reach out when you’re struggling.

Wednesday was the first day my supervisor was back from Mexico. I did a VO on a structure fire in West Kelowna. We tried to get ahold of the West Kelowna Fire Department but they failed to answer. I also wrote a web story on Big White Ski Resort building staff housing and one on a recent UBCO research study.

Thursday I did a package to follow up with my web post yesterday on the wine grapes smoke-taint study. I went to UBCO with a cameraman and interviewed one of the chemistry professors and research team leaders. It was something I never knew it would have such a great effect.

On my last day, Friday, I did a package on the Skills Canada BC 2020 Regional Competition. Essentially, it’s 100 competitors from high schools across the region putting their skills to the test in categories such as Culinary Arts, Automotive, Welding, Cabinetry, Carpentry, Photography, Electronics and others. It was an easy last day for me and was tons of fun.

It was a really good last day. Saying goodbye to everyone was really hard. I can’t get over all the lessons I learned this month and all the amazing people I’ve met. I have had a blast here and have made really good friendships with the people at CHBC.


Lethbridge News Now: Week Four

Connor Gunn (The Man)

My final week was awesome at Lethbridge News Now and I have learned so much from this opportunity I will use for my career.

Monday was busy and slow in different parts. Reporter David and I went to court check in on some cases happening, and waited around for some decisions but nothing seemed to happen and the cases were getting adjourned. After that, we went back to the station to prepare for the council meeting. At the council meeting I covered a number of different items on the agenda and I specifically covered the new women’s shelter and wrote up the story and did radio writes relating to the story.

On Tuesday I went to Picture Butte high school to cover an event they were having. I covered the Hackathon which brought students to their to learn how to use computer science skills for the future. I made a VO clip kind of video with a stand-up linking to the article and I think it went well. Here’s the link:

Wednesday I knew I would be covering the AG expo held in Lethbridge and it turned out great I thought and I got to cover the story through. The event was huge and very critical for the areas surrounding Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. I produced full TV pack out of it and radio scripts as well as web story. Here’s the link:

Thursday was kind of uneventful except a story Dori gave me, I did a full story on a speaker talking about the future of family and child care in Alberta. The story turned out great and the article turned out awesome, so I wrote up the whole thing after speaking to the speaker about the presentation. Unfortunately, the entire story was deleted because it’s newsroom. But that happens.

Friday i started working on the Hurricanes wall of Honour story for Saturday since I will not be here, I went to the arena and took some pictures and got a good story out of it. Then I went to the Shannon Phillips announcement about the provincial budget and there were a ton of news organizations there. The week was awesome and my entire experience was great. And best of all, I got a job out of it doing what I love (Sports). Links are on the website.

I would like to thank Lethbridge News Now and Dori, Justin, David, Lara, and everyone else that helped me along the way. This was an awesome opportunity, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Corona Coming for Canada

As the Corona Virus has been spreading rapidly across the globe, Canada now as an 11 confirmed cases. The most recent case being a women in her twenties who returned home to Toronto after traveling though China. She is currently in stable condition at home in quarantine. As people are flying into Canada, international airports like YYC and YVR are screening passengers for the virus as they arrive into the country. Some airliners, like Air Canada, have gone as far as halting all direct flights to China until April 10th.

“Countries like Canada, that have been able to manage and detect cases so far, that we have to prepare across governments, across communities, and as families and individuals, in the event of more widespread transmission in our community.”

Cheif Medical Officer Theresa Tam

The best way to stop the spread of the virus and go about protecting yourself is not by wearing a face mask, but by frequently washing your hands. People with a respiratory illness though should continue to wear the mask as they are more susceptible to COVID-19.

Written By Sarah Jones

CBC Corner Brook: Week four

My last week has just finished up, and it definitely feels weird. I have some mixed emotions because although I am happy to be done and come back to school and see my family too I am also a little sad to leave because for the most part I enjoyed my time here.

At the start of the week I had Monday off because it was a city holiday, there is a “winter carnival” that happens every year and apparently the whole city for the most part goes on holidays.

On Tuesday I came in and was given the task of trying to book a live interview with Florian “Venom” Kohler. He is a professional pool trick shot players who holds 6 Guinness world records and has millions of followers on social media, as well as being on Dude Perfect and the Steve Harvey Show and many others. He was in Corner Brook and I was to trying and track him down and get a hold of him. I was pretty excited about this since I actually knew who this guy was and thought he was pretty cool and I saw lots of videos that he was in. So for the rest of the day I was back and forth communicating with him and his agent trying to get something to work. I put a picture of him below in case people may recognise him.

Wednesday was more the same trying to get Florian ‘Venom’ to come in live. Another story that came up was there was a Junior Curler who just made the Canadian Junior Curling team from around Corner Brook and was headed to Beijing in 2021 to compete in the world championships. So I was trying to get a hold of both of them. I had also finished up my pack for the Seniors fashion show and it was to go on air for Thursday. I was also asked by the provincial CBC to write a web story for it which would be posted the same time it would go live to radio. So I completed those both, and I have links to them below. My Seniors radio story is the, Feb 25 2020 Seniors Strut their Stuff on the Catwalk.

Thursday I was still tasked with trying to get a hold of the Junior Canadian Curler and Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler. I spoke over the phone with Florian’s agent and after some discussing the time frames it just didn’t seem to work. I spoke with David and we decided we could probably just leave it for now since I was leaving at the end of the week and next week get someone else to maybe pick it up. I ended up getting a hold of the Junior Canadian Curler through a lot of phone calls and eventually calling his parents for his contact information. I did a pre-interview over the phone and set up for him to come onto the show live the next day. The rest of the day I spent working on the scripts for the hosts to introduce him on the show and get everything set up for that. Everyone at the station asked me what I wanted to for lunch because they said they would all pitch in and buy lunch for the whole station based on whatever I wanted. We ended up deciding on Chinese food and that was really nice of all of them to buy me lunch before I left.

Friday was a pretty laid back day. Everything for the Monday show was already filled out and since it was my last day there they said there wasn’t too much for me to do. I made my rounds and everyone said goodbye as I did to them. I had a little sit down conversation with Cherie about how my month went and what I should work on, what I did good, what I think they could do better, etc.. Then they gave me a parting gift of a CBC Newfoundland Morning coffee mug and a CBC Newfoundland Morning Laptop bag.

Overall my experience here was good, I definitely learned some things and how the industry works. The biggest challenge I faced was trying to get story ideas when there is no news happening, and not much news happens here so that was definitely challenging, but from that I found out that there is always news or always something to cover. Everyone that works here was super nice to me and treated me with respect same as I did to them. I can’t wait to see what experiences I have after this and where my education takes me.

  • Nathan Anderson

Fatal Sarcee crash leaves driver dead

A 40 year-old man died after his car flipped and rolled down multiple cliffs late Saturday evening.

Police were called to the scene of Sarcee trail northwest around 11:40 p.m. where they found the body of the driver.

It has been determined that speed and alcohol were factors in the incident and investigators believe the driver lost control at a curve in the road.

The area was blocked off during the investigation but has since re-opened.

Police have yet to release the identity of the dead driver.

CHBC : Week three.

Week three went by really fast. I produced a lot of things on my own and got some self-generated stories up on the show. Tuesday, February 18 I shadowed Darrian, he did a story on B.C. apple growers and their struggle to compete against Washington growers. It was really interesting because it was something I never thought was a real issue.

Wednesday the 19th I did a VO/SOT on whether or not face masks prevent Coronavirus. Someone wrote in via email asking us to do a quick story on it so I interviewed a local pharmacist owner as Interior Health wasn’t allowed to comment.

Thursday the 20th was a busy day, I produced two Vo/Sots. One on Knox Mountain Wildfire mitigation and the other on damaged downtown sculpture’s from woodpeckers. It was a lot of running around, shooting and getting interviews but I managed to file both for the 5 p.m. show.

Friday the 21st I did a feature story on a group of Kelowna teens who took an inspiring trip to Guatemala and it changed their lives, so they say. The three students I interviewed have all started their own fundraising campaigns and have raised over $14,000 altogether. They were really sweet and super excited we were featuring them on our show. This package turned out really well. Saturday the 22nd I went to the Kelowna Spring Home Show at Prospera Place. I did a full pack on the event, trying to make it as interesting as possible. They did have some new companies this year so I focused the story mostly on them. It turned out really well and I was happy with how it looked on air.

I’m looking forward to my next week here, my supervisor gets back Wednesday so hopefully ill get some more package opportunity,


Calgary Police apologies for social media campaign

The Calgary Police Service has apologized for a social media campaign that received mixed reviews. The ValenCrime’s campaign was Valentines day themed and aimed to playfully mock wanted individuals. Reactions on social media varied with some of the public finding the campaign to be insensitive and disrespectful. A criminal defense lawyer argued the people featured in the posts are accused and have not been convicted.

“… the public response across all platforms was positive.”

Although, many police officers claim the campaign was supported by the majority of the public. Chief Mark Neufeld explained, “Generally speaking, the public response across all platforms was positive.” Although, Neufeld went onto say that the ValenCrimes campaign will not return in 2021.

By Aela Herbert