CityTV Calgary Practicum Week #1

Day #1

I took part in a combined weekly editorial meeting between CityTV and 660News at 9am. I made some modest inputs and offered to assist with a documentary story about Alberta Doctor’s in the front-line, dealing with Covid-19. I offered to speak to a doctor I know in the front-line for this project. My task was to use my device to interview him about his experience so far. I did that and got other contacts for future interviews happening in the coming weeks.

Later on, at 10am I attend a CityTV only Reporters daily briefing at 10am. Meet all the other CityTV crew.

The rest of the Day was used to set up my office email, and access to other rogers work tools. Then at 5pm I went for the interview with the Doctor shot on my device.

Day #2

I attended the Editorial meeting at 9am between CityTV and 660News. Discussed news items for the day. Most of the ideas I had were already on the table. Noting special, After the CityTv Reporters briefing at 10am, I was asked by the Supervising Producer, Whitney Deane to head to the office and pick up my laptop. Did so and after that I spent the rest of the day going through a training on how to use Inception (City TV’s version of Newsroom).

Day #3

Attended Editorial meeting at 9am and Reporters briefing at 10am. Suggested the idea of looking into the benefits of face mask wearing across board. Continued with installation and training on use of other office tools like QuantelGo and WeTransfer used for transferring Video footages. Was tasked with listening to City presser and to pick out key issues for top news story of the day.

Based on Mayor Nenshi’s comments, the top issue was the loss of $10 to $15 Million dollars in lost revue for the city and the changes made to Transit.

After this I was asked to pull news item on Inception. My specific task was to pull the news items for that night from The National Column into the CN6 column for the News anchor later that evening.

Day #4

Started the day with the typical Editorial meeting and Reporters meeting. There after I was assigned to follow an NDP video conference and to write a script based on that for vetting.

(see link to news conference)

Day #5

We had had our usual morning meetings. At the 9am Joint CityTV and 660News editorial meeting I pitched the following stories which were assigned to other employees for follow up.

  • The Alcohol consumption and covid-19
  • Data Modeling for both the country and province. Should the public be informed of the possible death numbers or not.

I was again assigned to work with one of the reporters to put together a documentary which eventually got moved to next week.

Later at 3pm I was assigned to pull national news items from inception into the cast on CN6 for the anchor.


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