Week 2 Practicum Blog: Peace River Broadcasting

Happy Easter! I have been working lots lately at the station, mostly on my own as well. This past week was was easier than the first and there were no hiccups either, so I’m happy! This Easter weekend was definitely different than years before, but at least I was busy doing things to pass the time. I had Monday through Wednesday off and got the role of weekend shift this week.

I feel like I live within these four walls most days at the station, at least the chair is comfy!

Day 1:

My first day after my three day weekend was busy! I did the top of the hour news from 12-6 as well as making packs and writing for the web. It makes it hard only having two people in the newsroom when there are lots of things happening, but we do manage. The web stories I wrote were both self-generated and my boss was pleasantly surprised at how productive I am, which is always a god thing. I wrote a story on Grande Prairie’s Rotary Club raising $31,000 for regional food banks and a story on Fairview Airport still being in operation despite COVID-19.

Day 2:

Many people that are still working took the day off, because well Easter! In the station it was just my news director and I, and he left quite early as well so I was left in charge of the news. I was doing the top of the hour newscasts, web content and I did the daily government COVID-19 update teleconference. I wrote two web stories; one on MLA Todd Loewen on the pandemic and one where two men bear sprayed and pointed a gun at people up in Fort Vermillion. I really like being able to do my own thing and not having any distractions, but I also miss having interactions with others at the same time. There’s definitely pros and cons to working on the weekends with nobody around.

The weather cast I did Friday afternoon. We provide for a very large area of the province so we include all of northwestern Alberta in the weather.

Day 3:

Saturday was quite busy, giving I was the only person working! I was doing newscasts from 10-6, hosting a station from 12-6 and web stories. It’s nice to be able to pre-record when there’s lots to do that’s for sure. Along with doing all that I was preparing for the next morning to have news when I first got there and change them if new things came in overnight. The day went really smooth and the story I wrote was on the Grande Prairie RCMP charging a 19 year old for possession of firearms.

Day 4:

This was an interesting morning, I had help from a girl volunteering to take over hosting a station for me which helped a lot, and then i got a phone call… This could be tacked on as one of those infamous workplace calls from odd people. A man called in a panic that he had just been pulled over and got a ticket by an officer not wearing any personal protective equipment (which did make a good point), but rambled on how he’s going to die now and he called 911 after to complain. It was a good note to start my day I guess. I did the top of the hour newscasts and hosted for the country station here as well as got some content made up for the Monday morning guy.

That was my week in a nutshell, I hope everybody is staying safe, washing their hands and most importantly staying home! Can’t wait to see what the second half of my practicum brings during this pandemic. -Erika Rolling

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