660 Practicum: Week 2

Well, between the constant sad news that came with the continuous updates throughout the week, the crazy amount of snow and cold weather we recieved despite the fact that it’s “spring”, and the fact that I didn’t get to see my whole family on Easter, this week was definitely hard. Despite that, thanks to Andrea, I was able to keep busy and learn a lot.

I would like to mention that every day on my practicum I listen to a few hours of Andrea on-air in the mornings and attend the morning meeting conference call. This is part of my routine, and seems kind of repetitive to type it out for each day.

Over the weekend, Andrea sent me a newscast to record and send to her so we could to an aircheck. I sent it to her Sunday, and on Monday morning she listened to my recording and sent me feedback. There was quite a lot – but she made sure to preface that I have a great read and these are just things to help me improve. After I read the feedback, I listened in on the morning meeting and submitted my story ideas.

While re-recording my air check, I made sure to really read and listen to Andrea’s comments. She sent me step-by-step things that she wanted to hear for each story in the cast, and I really wanted o prove that I could listen to feedback. I re-recorded the cast about 70 times until I was happy, and then sent it to her on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I pitched a story idea to Andrea on what families were doing during on Easter despite the pandemic. I offered to get in contact with families I know to make this happen. She liked the idea and told me to go ahead with it and make it like a “streeter”, and get multiple clips and opinions. She also responded to my updated aircheck, and said the difference was “night and day”. We decided we would do one of these airchecks every week.

On Wednesday, I set out to get clips for my Easter story. I contacted families that I knew and friends and got as many clips as I could so that I could make decent streeters. I assembled them all together and ended up being able to make two different streeters with different clips. On Thursday, I wrote multiple scripts to go along with the streeters and sent them to Andrea.

Friday morning my clips were on the air.

Same as last week, it was really great to hear my clips on-air. Andrea sent me feedback on my writing, which had much less “red” than last week. On Friday I also did my weekly video chat with Andrea on how everything’s been going. She said that I’ve been doing well and she was impressed by how I was able to learn from her feedback, and once again get a story on-air. I definitely feel like I had a lot more of a routine set this week vs. last week, and Andrea and I discussed that each week I would do an aircheck, a script writing exercise, and get a story on-air.

I am so grateful for the time Andrea has dedicated to me on helping me learn and helping me make the best out of this whole situation. I am excited to see what week 3 brings!

-Aimee Michaelis

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