CityTV Calgary News Practicum Week #2

Day #1

The day started with the Editorial meeting. I was assigned the task of watching the City Council meeting and identifying stories ideas for the day’s news. I was also to write a script for each of the stories I selected. The following are the stories I picked and wrote scripts for.

  • Public Arts Program Review.
  • Secondary Suite Amnesty Extension.
  • Stephen Avenue Funding Request.
  • Peace Bridge.

Later on, at 3pm I was asked to Pulled News item from the National section of Inception in to CN6 for the Calgary Anchor.

Day #2

After the daily morning meetings at 9am and 10am, My task was to drive around town and get B-rolls and video footages of events that could be used for news later that night. I got B-rolls of the following;

  • Grocery outlets (Walmart, Costco, Co-op)   
  • LRT Stations

From 3pm to 5pm I was tasked with pulling News item from the National section of Inception in to CN6 for the Calgary Anchor at 11pm.

Day #3

Quite a dull day. Only task I had was to pull news items on Inception from National into CN6

Day #4

After the meetings I had a review session with feedbacks;

  • Whitney gave feedback on my footages and told me what to look out for in the future
  • Nick Blakeney the Calgary CityTV Camera Man gave me tips on how to get shots and specific things to always look out for including how long to stay on an image and how to come in and out of the image. Typically, how CityTV does it.

My next assignment for the day was to go out to Market Mall and get footages of the environment.

At 3pm to 5pm I pulled News item on Inception. 

Day #5 (Good Friday, Didn’t do anything)


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