Practicum Blog Week 4 – Peace River Broadcasting

Wow. I’m done. This has been a very odd past 4 weeks for the world and I’m glad I got to complete my practicum in the traditional way. Peace River Broadcasting had some significant changes throughout the past four weeks, starting with many layoffs due to COVID-19 and income loss because of low advertising. On April 18, the downtown of Peace River flooded as well as the basement of the station. Despite everything going on that has affected the company, we have been able to have quite good days here and there’s always something to talk about. I only had three work days this week, so you could say I finished on a good note!

Day 1:

The weather here has been changing very rapidly causing major flooding all over our region. The rivers and creeks have broke, lots of flooding of land, roads, etc. I did the top of the hour newscasts today and hung out with everyone at the station, it was pretty slow. Made a few packs and scripts.

Day 2:

Was a more productive day, got a web story done and wrote quite a few things for the top of the hour and such. As always the news director and I listened into the province’s daily briefing to hear the new COVID-19 numbers, after a month it’s getting old hearing reporters ask the same questions. I’m just glad I am not in an area where infection rates are high, or have many at all.

Day 3:

My last day at the station 😦 My bosses were all sad they couldn’t keep me on the team right now cause there’s not enough money coming into the station due to low advertising. I attended the last class with my fellow classmates and teachers, and I had to finish out the rest of my work day. I did a web story on a solar panel farm potentially coming to town and the top of the hour news.

Flowers for my last day of college and practicum from my Mom and Dad

A lot of my friends up here said their parents and themselves will miss hearing me give them the news, which made me sad. I find it funny how many of my friends parents enjoy listening to me. Anyways I had a great time at Peace River Broadcasting for my practicum, my bosses could always lend a hand if I needed it and a great source of entertainment on slow days. I’m just happy I got to work throughout what I hope was the peak of this global health pandemic. I can now say I am done Broadcast News… it was quite a time and I’m gonna miss a lot of the faces, but I know i will never forget them. Until next time – Erika.

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